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Re: Ready for Miluakee!

Hails ST. 1st Class Herring,
Going back on the 12th is probably the best plan if you ride back with me, however there is another guy from Minnesota, a new member that is meeting us out there, he has room for riders too if you want to get a ride back with him in time for the 11th. His name is Chris # 320-260-5105. I already asked him if he wanted to share a room with you Friday and he is up for that. I have not met him yet, but he sounds really gung ho, he even said that he would not charge any of his riders gas if they were short on funds. I will match that, and do not expect any gas from you for the ride out there. I will see you Thursday evening, should be a great trip and event. Don't worry about speaking, you will do just fine, I am going to do an overview of my speech topics Thursday night, after I pick you up. 88

On 11/6/07, William Herring <> wrote:
Although there are no minutes on the cell phone at the moment, I will be filling it up the day I leave. The number is 701-261-7956.  I spoke with Harriet and Paul from Wisonsin and everything is fine as far as me staying with them. They mentioned that this will be Saturday night, although I do not know what you're plans are or when you plan on returning to the cities. Let me know. As I mentioned in my last message, my return date is for the 12th, but I did that only as precaution in case you had business to attend to in Miluakee. But this is not set in stone, I can just take it in to the Greyhound terminal here and have it reprinted to return on the 11th. I don't want to be a pain in the ass or inconvience you.
I am pretty excited about this trip. I've never spoken in public before so I'm a little nervous, but it will be fine. I don't really count the three minutes I spoke in Omaha as anything like a real speech... Anyway let me know your definte plans for returning to the Cities and I will adjust accordingly.
                                                               ST First Class Herring
                                                               NSM North Dakota

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