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Re: Former Chairman Herrington`

ST. 1st Class Herring,
What is your current phone #, I would like to call you.
Former Chairman Herrington is a good man, and certainly not a child molestor, wtf, seems some rumours got twisted up. His wife was the reason for his retirement, she is a crazy lady who runs a Satanic Church and has posted some less than Honorable things. I can explain it further via phone, it is an unfortunate situation, but it had to be dealt with. 88

On 10/23/07, William Herring <> wrote:
I just received a unit e-mail from nsmmiddleTN stating that former Chairman Herrington was a child molestor. There was a bit more to the post, but that is irrelevant. As far as I know, Herrington retired with full honors from the NSM. As a Pfc., there is obviously information I am not cleared to access, but this seems like a serious allegation. I wanted to bring this to your attention only because it seems important in my eyes. Especially with the recent fiasco among certain members getting their asses justly removed from the NSM. All I know of Mr. Herrington was that he was a key member of this org for many, many years.
Hopefully, I am not opening a can of worms, but I am sure you understand why I would take this action. Anything or anyone that I view as a potential security risk to the NSM I will immediately report. I do not know the members from this e-mail, nor have I ever heard any slanderous or negati ve things concerning Chairman Herrington. And so justfiably I decided to contact you immediately.
If there is information that I am not privy to, so be it. Just wanted to due my duty as I saw fit.
                                                                               ST First Class W. Herring

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