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RE: milwaukee rally

ST 1st Class Herring,
Sounds like a good plan, perhaps your bus can bring you into Hutchinson, MN. Motels are cheaper out here (if the bus ticket price is the same, I am not sure), and I could pick you up Friday Morning. Yes I do plan to leave Friday late Morning and return Sunday. I am not sure if anyone else is going with me from here yet. Sgt. O'Conner our local unit Leader is having back surgery so he won't be doing much, he is calling the other guys for me to see who can go, and Larry has some sort of cancer, so my crew here has some sick and messed up guys, perhaps some of the younger pups can get off work, we will see. I will go alone, or with just you and I if thats all we can muster. It should be an awesome event, am looking forward to it. If its just us 2, we might as well take my car, if a couple more guys come, we will rent one. My car does not seat more than 2 adults. Here is my cell # 320-583-2380
I agree, bringing Ian would be a bad plan, just tell your woman that she will have to sit a few events out, until the little warrior grows a bit (lol), and that you will give her a full report when you get back so she doesn't miss much (ha ha). 88! Commander Schoep  p.s. Looking forward to traveling with you! Driving alone or taking a bus is so f*cking boring.


Subject: milwaukee rally
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2007 16:13:53 -0400

I will definitely be attending the Wisconsin event. However, I checked the Greyhound schedule and its a 23 hour bus trip. That is not really doable. Can't afford to be out of work for a whole extra day sitting on a bus. However, if yourself and the Minneapolis unit will be carpooling, I could certainly share in the expenses. I would come to Minneapolis on the evening of the 8th, find a motel and meet up with you the following morning. I assume that you will be leaving the day before. In any event let me know if this is feasable and what your proposed departure date is and I will adjust my plans accordingly.
Because Ian is still so young, Angela will not be attending. If he were a bit older, we would just drive, but neiter of us feel that it is a good idea to take an infant on a 500 mile trip. I am sure you would agree. Looking forward to this event!
                                                           ST 1st Class W. Herring
                                                            NSM North Dakota

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