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Internal Party Memo:

Dear NSM Party Comrades,
As you all know the Party has been making great strides forward in recent years. We are currently the largest Pro-White group in America, and the only unabashadly, openly NS Party in America. There is no where else, and no other Party here in the U.S. that comes even close to us, but I am sure you already know that. Of course because we are all members of the same team, right?
Recently certain Party members have been at each others throats. Some Party members were called into a room before Nationals because of such behavior, now a new set of people are at it again. First, I will list my own faults, I have been too fair, too nice, too easy going, and too lenient hoping it would all come together. Instead it has been a huge burden watching my Brothers and Sisters pick each other apart. One Party Officer has been demoted for conduct unbecoming of an Officer, and anyone, I mean anyone who continue's in any sort of drama that deviates from the mission at hand, will be next. I do not expect any of you to like these orders, or even agree with it, but I do expect your Loyalty and continued service to the Folk. The Party runs on the Fuhrerprinzip, it is not a democracy, and all matters in which we do things are always well calculated for the greater good of the whole Party. Personal likes, dislikes, feuds, conflict, that is all normal. Conflict has existed since the dawn of time. All Comrades need to focus on their own tasks and work, and not worry about others who work in other Depts.
I have been thinking about these matters for a few weeks now, and had seriously considered removing certain conflicting members from the Ranks all together. When Col. Bishop and I have to play babysitter, and talk to people about drama, it makes us, all of you, and our Party look foolish. America is being overrun with Mexicans and other invaders, instead of expelling certain people, these members and the Party are better served if the drama is saved for the playground, and we all get back to work.
Most of you recieving this will have no idea what I am talking about, good deal, just consider this a shake up then. This directive is a direct order from myself and Col. Bishop. Most of you rarely see me order any of my Comrades to do anything, I work alongside of you, and for you.
This directive should be sent to all active Party members, not all of you are in my e-mail address book, so forward to only those members that need to read it.
On a positive note, Party projects are going forward and we are growing every single day. We will be announcing the next NSM Public meeting with a week, it will be a good one.
Hail Victory! Commander Schoep and on behalf of Col. Bishop



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