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Re: JOIN the American National Socialist Workers Party!

You're joking, right?

Michael Cook <> wrote:
                          P.O.BOX 313 
             Wrightsville, PA. 17368
                   (717) 252 - 6020
To Members and official supporters:
The Leadership of the  American National Socialist Bund have come to the realization after careful thought  and consideration that  the resources and the organizational  skills of Chairman Bill white of the American National Socialist Workers Party are far more superior and advanced than our small A.N.S.B. group that  was recently  formed on September 1st 2007
It  was  of  the unanimous  decision of the A.N.S.B. Leadership and its officers to formally state that we believe that it would be in the best interest of the National Socialist Community in North America  to be under ONE LEADER,  of ONE PARTY,  dedication to  ONE ORGANIZATION,  The A.N.S.W.P. LOYALTY UNTIL THE DEATH!
This is the ONLY LOGICAL SOLUTION  to the growing fragmentation of the NS Community here in the USA. We recognize that more than one NS Organization can only can only lead to further disunity and less activism due to the lack of badly needed funds and the ability to mobilize our NS activist to other parts of the country when needed.
The result, being the  decline of National Socialist Power in America. (what  ever helps us is good,what ever hurts us is bad) without this attitude we National Socialist will continue to fail!
The  American National Worker's Party is the best NS organization in existence today and many of its members left the NSM based out of Minneapolis Minnesota to join Chairman Bill White of the A.N.S.W.P. This was no coincidence, but a major shift in the understanding of the members involved that a NEW  NS Party  needed to be formed in light of all the previous scandals etc.
Today, Chairman Bill White leads the way for all National Socialist here in this country. He is brave and courageous coming out in the open to confront  our biological enemies( without police protection) also the other side FEARS him  namely, the Jews and assorted antifa groups who monitor his every move! Just imagine how they would react if they knew he has an army of stormtroopers and supporters behind him.
  He needs our help as well as our activism. Will you support his efforts to lead all of us to victory or will you continue with the same old boring failures of the past?
Contact Chairman Bill White today and say YES, to the future of National Socialism!
Heil Hitler!
American National Socialist Workers Party Chairman, Bill White
PO Box 8601 Roanoke, VA 24014 *

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