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ATTENTION! NS Meeting on November 9th 2007

On  the evening of November 9Th 2007  a meeting  will take  place in the back room at an undisclosed location in Reading Pa for the announcement and proclamation of the newly  formed  American National Socialist Bund by men of loyal faith in the resurrection of their people.  
This event  will  mark a new beginning for  the  Freedom and Liberation of our Aryan Folk in North America from iron grip of international Jewry.
This meeting is by invitation only to men and women of good moral character  in the National Socialist community. THERE WILL BE NO SLANDERING OF OTHER NS GROUPS OR THEIR LEADERS! We are not going to be addressing the problems and difficulties of the past, but, what we intend to accomplish in the future. To this end we are starting from the beginning as a New and progressive NS Organization completely independent from other NS Styled entities. Make no mistake, we do intend to become the political will in this country by what ever means necessary! (come -what- ever-may)  This meeting will not be open to degenerate types as a security requirement to keep out those who would try to do us  harm  and prevent  this meeting from taking place.
Those who would like to attend this  historic meeting  will be required to wear at least a basic white shirt (with swastika armband) etc. and black tie with party-pin black pants  black belt and dress shoes.
For further details please contact A.N.S.B. Headquarters at the address below.
Anyone who would like to bring flags or other NS items may do so  upon inspection at the entrance.
Heil Hitler!
Michael Cook/ Chairman
P.O. BOX 313
Wrightsville, PA. 17368
Phone (717) 252-6020

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