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I believe I have the top of your tent Charles. It is a small 10" X 10" piece of mesh with a plastic hook at all four corners. I found it the morning you left where your tent stood. Once I get my shirt and Angela's little ciggarette pack holder, I will have your address and mail it to you.
On a more personal note, I wanted to thank you for speaking to me at length this last weekend, and for trusting in me. It meant a lot, considering that the first night that yourself, Colonel Bishop and I talked, you both thought I was an informant. lol! I wish I had known, I would have hidden. Who needs the SS knocking on your hotel door with a "warrant" to kick your ass? HA!
Seriously Brother, you are a good friend, a great National Socialist, and someone I look up to. Angela has never had anything but the best things to say about you and I am inclined to agree.
As to what we spoke of when we were alone, no  matter what role HQ decides I can best serve the organization in, I will perform my duties to the best of my abilities and approach any assignment with the utmost seriousness and dedication, be it handing out fliers, or serving in the SS. Either way, I will be doing something I believe in with my whole heart. Charles, again thanks for everything. You're a good white man and a hardcore son of bitch in general. Love ya brother!
See you on the frontlines! Hail Victory!
                                                   ST 1st Class William Herring

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