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Omaha Rally Speakers List


Now is the time to plan for Sept. 1st. We are starting to prepare the speakers list for Omaha. NSM Party Leaders who want to speak should let me know, also if any Leaders from various other groups that are interested in speaking should contact me as well.

All Racialists and Pro-White groups are welcome to attend, and be represented at this important Rally. We will be Rallying at the Mexican Consulate to demand the return of the illegals to Mexico and closing the Southern Border. This is an issue that is of importance to us all, so stand strong with us against the invasion.

After the Rally there will be live music, a bbq, and a double swastika lighting on private property outside of the City.

If you plan on being there for sure, and do not have the link up locations or Motel/camping information yet, contact me directly for your contact list at

This is one event you will not want to miss! Be there to help us send a message to the Mexican Govn't, and our own. White people rise up, reclaim your destiny!

Print and Distribute the Rally flyer to everyone you know, and the general public. Here is a downloadable pdf file to print:  

Hail Victory! Commander Schoep/ NSM HQ


Find a local pizza place, movie theater, and more?.then map the best route!
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