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Wichita Dep. Police Chief slanders NSM/Aryans: Ask him Why?


I recently posted a link to an article from the Wichita Eagle newspaper (see links below), where the Dep. Police Chief Tom Stolz badly slandered our Political Party (NSM), and Skinheads in general.

Stolz claims:

"They (skinheads) represent a level of domestic terrorism that our average Crips and Bloods do not," said Deputy Police Chief Tom Stolz."

"In my opinion, the Aryans are more dangerous to mass populations and more hateful in their teachings," Stolz said.  NSM notes Aryans are dangerous? (Aryan=White, so Mr. Stolz says here White people are dangerous, and hatefull)!

For the Record, Mr. Stolz is a public servant, and with reckless comments like what he claims above, he is overstepping his public servant position, which not only causes himself to be embarassed, but embarasses the entire City of Wichita, and his own Police Dept. with his biased hatefilled opinions.

At the bottom of this post you will find what is believed to be the address and phone contact # for Mr.Tom Stolz. Should anyone want to write a concerned letter, or make a phone call to him asking why he publically labels a legal Political group as domestic terrorists, or perhaps why he thinks Aryans/White people are dangerous and hatefull, it is up to the individual. If anyone does contact him, handle yourself like a professional, and behave in a legal and civilized manner. Mr. Stolz needs to retract his statements, as a public servant his misinformed or personal bias towards the National Socialist Movement, Skinheads, and Aryan people in general should not be broadcast in local newspapers.

We expect these types of things from the ADL, and other jewish civil wrongs groups, but not from a Dep. Chief of Police.

Honor, Duty, and Loyalty,  Commander Jeff Schoep/ NSM

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Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 14:20:27 EDT

I read the article on Deputy Police Chief Tom Stolz. This guy is not playing with a full deck.  I checked his history, and seems he has alot of cases against Drug problem in Wichita.

To compare Drug dealers to our Law abidding NSM Party is the most craziest idea to date. And let's not forget Domestic Terrorist. Danm, everybody in DC knows who we are and could care less.

I found Tom Stolz  455 N Main St Wichita,  KS 67202 Phone: (316) 268-4239 , I could not pull up his fax as the Article was removed.

ST.1st Class Floyd

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