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Press Release: New website


For Immediate Release:

National Socialist Movement Presidential Candadate Announces New Website
Laurens, South Carolina, 4.JUL.2007:
Today the Bowles Campaign is pleased to announce a new website designed to encourage true grassroots activism.  During the process our public relations experts had determined that the website would better serve the campaign as it is easy to remember and presents less an opportunity for typographical error.  So what better time for a new website name then now?  We have a new website and a new domain name and we continue to march forward!
What you will find at is current reports from the campaign staff, volunteer signup forms, downloadable leaflets & reports, contact information, hot topic discussions and more.  One great feature will be the Bowles Campaign forum which will allow White American citizens to pose their questions and have their question answered by Candidate Taylor Bowles or one of his staff members.
The Bowles Campaign site soon will offer campaign merchandise so that you may help spread the word.  All merchandise purchased will help fund the campaign war chest.  You may also soon make donations to the Bowles Campaign directly from the website.
The National Socialist Movement, Americas only traditional National Socialist Party is serious about their promise to represent the White majority and in such Candidate Taylor Bowles needs your support - point your mouse to and offer to volunteer - join the Bowles grassroots effort and help to insure that American White people, the majority people are indeed aware that they DO have a choice this upcoming election.  There is no more need to side with the lesser of the two evils - why should you have to side with evil?  This time you have a chance to point our nation in a new direction, one of prosperity and harmony - support, volunteer - get the word out - Taylor Bowles for President in 2008!!
The NSM organization is the largest and most active National Socialist movement in America. The NSM?s core beliefs include defending the rights of white people, preservation of white culture and heritage, reform of illegal immigration policies, withdrawal of our military from an illegal Middle Eastern occupation and promotion of white separation.

Bowles for President 2008
PO Box 1496
Laurens, South Carolina 29360
Phone: 864-641-0510

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Remember, all campaign DONATIONS must be sent to the election headquarters!
NSM National HQ Contact & Website:

National Socialist Movement
Public Relations Liaison
P.O. Box 580669
Minneapolis, MN. 55458
Phone: 651.659.6307


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