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Free SS Vet. E. Priebke: Your Help requested

Free Erich Priebke Now!!!

Forward this and pass this on to all National Socialists in the World, lets make this effort Worldwide!


A few minutes of your time, and 90 cents for postage is all we are asking here. If you recall a couple of weeks ago I sent out a copy of a report from an NSM Correspondent in Rome, concerning Erich Priebke and his situation. Now, we are asking the Party membership and all of our Comrades to assist in this effort to free an SS Officer.

Please send polite, non-political  letters to the Italian government urging the release of the former SS officer ERICH PRIEBKE. Address letters to: His Excellency Georgio Napolitano, Piazza del Quirinale, I-00187 Rome, Italy. Air mail postage for a standard-size, one ounce letter from the USA to Italy is $0.90. Please spread the word to other comrades to do likewise!

Thank you in advance. Remember, our enemies never forget, and never forgive, they have stalked this man even in the twilight years of his life, relentlessly hounding him. He fought against Communism and World jewry. Erich Priebke is a living HERO, do your part now, don't put this on the list of things to do, just do it, now! 88

Hail Victory! Commander Schoep/ National Socialist Movement


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