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Richard Poplawski: Facts and Lies



The Lies:::


That he knew the pigs were coming...?


That he was dressed in a bullet proof vest armed with an AK47...?


That he shot pigs with an AK47...?


That his mother told him the pigs were coming....?


That he was a racial loyalist...?


That he didn't have JEWISH or black friends...?




The Facts:::


Poplawski's cunt of a mother called the pigs because of a dog problem. She never told him the pigs were coming, or why they were coming! When they came he thought they were going to take away his rights! The day before a nigger and a gook went on a killing spree, and Poplawski thought that obama monkey passed some late night anti-gun laws... He fired his 357 no more than six times because he was scared and fired in self-defense ONLY!! After he killed those pigs he then kept more cops at bay by firing, but making sure not to hit any of them with his WASR-10... 100 rounds of WASR-10 fired into the air to keep the pigs from rushing his house while he thought it out. Now, if he had planned this he would have fired 10,000 rounds at the cops and hit more of them!!


He ran to the door when he saw the pigs with a 357 in his hand, and fired no more than six rounds!! He later put on the vest and loaded his WAR-10, which isn't an AK47, in order to by time while he thought about why the pigs were there to begin with! If he was planning this he would have run out into the street and fired 1,000 rounds at all the cops there!! He was scared that cops were taking away his civil rights ONLY!!


He shot the pigs with a 357, and not his WASR-10!! In fact, he did not even try to aim his rifle at the pigs!! The first 3 went down because he panic because he thought his rights were about to be stepped on!!


His mother called the pigs because of a dog problem, and then didn't tell her son what she had done!! So he naturally thought that the pigs were taking away everyone's rights!! The pigs are at fault for being pigs and for not making an announcement that they were there for a dog only! And his mother is at fault for not telling her son she had called them!!


Poplawski was not a member of any racial group, nor did he even like racial loyalty!! He attacked Skinheads and racism on Stormfront all the time, and had no racial tattoos! He also had black and JEWISH friends!!


Poplawski had several black friends; one was interviewed on KDKA and is named Vire! He also had a JEWISH friend, who was also interviewed by local TV station KDKA!! Now, if he had been a racial loyalist he would have had tattoos and would not have had nonwhite friends!!



His actions were RIGHT, but he did not have ANY racial ideology!!


The media is attacking this poor man because they seek to outlaw guns and free speech! They attack White people and guns because of their own self hatred and their hatred of the White race! But one day shall come when the dog shall bite the hand that feeds it...! What goes around comes around, gringos!!

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