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About Brother Richard - By Hardy Lloyd

I love how the americans and their media are trying like the devil to FORCE Brother Richard into the "wacko racist" label... The SPLC claims he was a National Alliance member, D.R. of the Pgh Post claims he was a Skinhead, someone on Myspace told me he was a Catholic, non-racist, christian, CAH claims he wasn't an NA member but that he read "tons of racist fiction books", and the ADL claims he was a member of the KKK even though he wasn't Christian-Identity... Why? Because according to them any White man who shoots people has to be a "racist nut". The truth is he is THEIR creation, THEIR monster, THEIR child!! He is the product of decades of intense antiwhite propaganda aimed at making White people HATE THEMSELVES!! No wonder he started shooting when the pigs came calling. He was worried that his rights as a HUMAN BEING were about to be fucked in the ass by the evil empire of the "'United' 'States'"!! You, Anglos and JEWS of the USA, YOU created him and the millions to come. What goes around comes around...!

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