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support grows as JdN declares -- and concern

A fine and well-known comrade wrote:


I have some skills I can gladly volunteer for your campaign. Web-based multimedia production, radio production, voice-over, web site design and ad design, and some other things in various sectors of existence.
Let me know what you need and I'll tell you if I can do it.

I responded:

* * *
I am overjoyed to get your offer of help. And I am HONORED. I know what good work you do and how selflessly you sacrifice your time for our sacred Cause.

I will contact you very soon, white brother. Thank you so much. In the dark moments of the soul, I know our race still produces stout hearts, fine brains, and the creative vision of a better reality. With men like you, we'll win.


More praise and support for my mission from PMs:

--That, sir, is an incredibly good approach, and although we disagree in terms of religion, I still have much respect for you. Too bad you don't have time to post elsewhere on this forum too!
--Can't wait for the new developments. Will have those logo samples to you soon.
--Keep fighting, John. Down with the Dirty J's and their evil anti-white scams.
--Excellent post
--I pray for you daily. Great courage you have.
--Good! Now please post a photo with a shirt of some kind or even work jacket, IMO. Thank you.

--Great poem and good posts overall. Good luck!
--This is one of your most informative, fascinating & horrifying posts,
--Yet another beautiful piece of writing. Give my regards to young Henrik Holappa. He has a bright mind and future.


A concerned comrade wrote me:

Security and your personal welfare are a very real concern, John.

You mentioned in an earlier post that presidential candidates have extensive security & Secret Service in place for their as well as their families' protection. Do you? Jews are obviously willing to go to any length to stop those with whom they disagree. Millions of dead Russians, Christians, Armenians, Americans, Europeans... well, just millions of dead the world over, through all of history, attests to that. Have you given thought to becoming the target of your own 'Manchurian candidate', and more importantly, what will you do / are you doing about it? A simple grass-roots-style approach based on the worth & merit of the message alone certainly isn't sufficient to trust that all will 'work out' right in the end. The psychopaths have had a big, deadly impact on history. You might go on faith in God for your protection (I do not say that mockingly, but honestly), yet God helps those who help themselves (and God has not protected many other innocents who deserved such protection). To be a white leader advocating such a radical power-shift in these times is to court disaster.

They got Ron Paul out of the race (if he was ever meant to be president to begin with, and not merely disingenuous), and he isn't even a white nationalist. They've murdered the Kennedys and countless others. In that light, it seems fair to conclude that they would not bat an eyelash over you. (Note to mods who may not be paying attention, who see this and think 'Uh-oh, he's advocating assassination': No, I am NOT; but merely pointing out an obvious & real danger.)

I realize you're an intelligent man and I'm sure you've given this matter thought, if not tackled it already, but I think it behooves any responsible adult or WN to point out that it also behooves YOU to acquire & emplace such security, if you've not done so. You owe it to yourself and your constituents, any man or woman you ask to support & follow you, to assure them that you will try to survive and finish what you start. It would be unfair (some might say foolish) to not do so. Of course, there are never any guarantees in life, I realize that, and I say this not to discourage but to help.

John, I applaud you for being willing & brave enough to take this step. That takes great, great courage, I know, to stand up to the Jew power-mob of murderers in control, and challenge them, as David to Goliath. There will be (if there have not already been) detractors, yet you're at least willing to do what so few others will attempt or would even dare. A great white leader is someone we all await. I regret that I can only give you my moral support at this time, and wish you, and all of our brothers & sisters through you, all of the best in this endeavor.

With that said, however, I'm understandably curious:

Just how will you deal with the great and grave threat we face, in detail? You've stated an intent to run for president. I don't see how this could work (again, not meant to discourage; of course, one must start somewhere), but assuming it can and may work, it will not be enough to merely bring into the light what too few of our white people, in the United States and across the world, perceive or have yet to define/clarify in their own minds. In other words, aware WNs know these truths & understand them, but WNs are not the majority of white humanity, except perhaps in their hearts (while the majority may simply not even realize it). Is your true intent merely to force these issues into the open, and galvanize people? (A worthy goal in itself.)

Or do you have follow-up agendas (I hate to use the word agenda; it sounds so Jewish) for dealing with the Jews, as well as the non-whites already present.... and beyond the social/racial factors prevalent upon us, what will you do about the other many-and-diverse economic/financial & environmental factors, after (assuming) you take office? The media, the corporations, ZOG, Zionism, Israel, spending, taxes, inflation, energy, immigration? Political process? The military? Prisons? Laws and the justice system? The list goes on.

In short, have you worked all of this out in detail? Do you have a plan? Or (to be blunt) are you merely winging it, and waiting until you come to those bridges, where you will trust and rely on the wisdom & solidarity of the white masses you will (hopefully) congeal, to deal with these matters according to a racially awakened conscience?

Again, I wish you (and us) all the best. We need someone who is willing to step up to bat for us, in this critical time.

I responded:

* * *

Your questions and concerns have been my own. For thirty years I have seen death and destruction and/or prison meted out by ZOG against activists I have personally known, met or dealt with: among them, Robert Matthews, Ernst Zundel, David Duke, Don Black, Germar Rudolf, Shaun Walker. . . .

(I was in extensive contact with Shaun's wife Cynthia, and got her legal advice from a former congressman form California, Pete McCloskey, a fellow former Marine and a lawyer. I agree with Dr. Ed Fields that the Shaun Walker case was "the worst railroading I [Fields] have seen in fifty years in this Cause, and I have seen a lot of railroadings.")

While on that topic of assassinations, comrade, my father met and spoke with Robert Kennedy before his death, and I myself met Ronald Reagan in 1977, in Quonset, Rhode Island, four years before he was shot.

* * *

I was nearly murdered in 1979, while in the Marines, in a plot to hurl me over the side of the USS Inchon into the dark night waters of the Mediterranean.

I refer to this "near-death' experience in my Winterfest speech, found at, in the segment

John de Nugent - "My First Year in the Cause"

* * *

Here is a report on my activities from an official Marine Corps publication, found here:](2006) Journal of the Marine Corps Interrogator-Translator Teams Association.

See page 4.

Here, an Orthodox Jewish captain, Harvey Philip Gold, presents his memories and assertions regarding a Marine "Med cruise" (Mediterranean cruise) in 1979 by the 35th Interrogator-Translator Team, USMCR. There are several distortions.

I was in fact relatively young (24), naive about people, and full of desire to spread racial truths to as many whites as I could. I had told some Nordic-looking Dutch "Royal Marines" whom I assumed to be rightwingers, that they should do something about the minorities flooding into their country. (The Dutch have now woken up to this problem, which recently led to the public ritual murder, at the hands of a Moroccan, of famous moviemaker Theo Van Gogh, a defender of women's rights against Muslim fanatics. The murdered movie maker was a grand-nephew of the famous Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh.)

It is true that certain psychopaths among these Dutch marines, apparent "Nazi-haters," planned to rush me in a cowardly group, several against one, and throw me overboard one night out at sea purely because of my political views. One obviously objected and reported their intended murder of me.

Here now is Mr. Gold's "objective" but gossipy report on two antisemites in his unit and an antisemitic French ship, written in a tone unbecoming to a Marine officer.

"From 1977 to 1980, I was privileged to command the 35th ITT, USMCR, Washington, DC. It was a great tour. I?d finished my active service and was in graduate school, working on?actually, pretending to work on?my dissertation. As a captain, I had enough experience to be useful, and I was always happy to get away from the library for a while. I went to [Fort] Huachuca [an Army intelligence school] and a few other locales and took a detachment to the Med. That mini-cruise was notable for two events involving team members. We were on the USS Inchon. We had some Dutch commandos aboard. One day my team chief, Gunny [Gunnery Sergeant] Walther, came in looking somewhat agitated:

?Problem, Gunny??
?Did you know that Corporal (Name Deleted) is a Nazi??
?No,? I answered. ?How did you find out??
?He?s been preaching to the Dutch about how great National Socialism is and I hear they?re going to kill him.?
I immediately got up and headed down to the Dutch berthing area to save my man, then thought better of it. The kid?s a friggin? Nazi! Why am I rushing?

The corporal returned home alive, was invited out of the Corps [WRONG], and later stated that his political views were the result of a chemical imbalance, for which he was receiving treatment.[WRONG]

Sgt. Jacky Botty, another team member, was better balanced? most of the time. Botty, a Belgian émigré turned insurance man from the French Foreign Legion, who spoke six languages, and drove a Rolls-Royce and a Ferrari, could usually be persuaded to demonstrate liberty in any given port ?the Legion way.?

But my fondest repeatable memory of Botty came when we were assigned to spend a few days with the French Commandos Marines and were cross-decking to their landing platform ship, the ?Ouragan?. We were going up the Jacob?s ladder in fairly rough seas when he looked down at me, smiled and said,

?Remember, mon capitaine, on this ship, Dreyfus is still guilty."

Mr. Gold and Sergeant Botty were thinking of the Captain Alfred Dreyfus case of the 1890s, when the French military convicted a Jewish officer (later 'exonerated" under massive Jewish pressure) of spying for the Germans.

La dégradation du capitaine Dreyfus. His sword is broken, and his buttons, medals and rank insignia are ripped off, signifying the ignominy of his treason. Dreyfus spent years on Devil's Island before Jewish pressure "sprang" him.

Captain Gold is implying, apparently, that I was not the only "antisemite" on this small team, and/or that Botty was warning him that the whole French ship was "antisemitic."

Years later, in the 1990s, when I made a good-faith effort to try dialogue with various Jews to ask them why their Jewish leadership was destroying America's culture, racial balance and our standing in the world, I also contacted this captain, my former commanding officer, who had mostly been decent toward me, and had recognized my merits with three "meritorious" promotions (that is, ahead of schedule) -- to private first class, lance corporal and corporal within about one year.

I did tell him that I was in treatment. It was for years of violent sexual abuse. I am proud that, unlike millions of other sexual abuse victims, I did have the COURAGE to seek treatment. (The chemicals I tried for years were of no benefit for my issue, which was not chemical in nature, and I discontinued them. The nightmares ended only after I got therapy, horribly painful therapy, and not pills.)

It is not true, as Mr. Gold apparently insinuates, that the Marine Corps 'invited me to leave' by any kind of dishonorable discharge. He had given me excellent "proficiency and conduct" ratings at first, and promoted me from private to private first, class, to lance corporal, to corporal, in a matter of months.

However, after my political views became known, he transferred me to an all-black supply unit, also located at Anacostia Naval Air Station, Washington DC.

I was shocked at this abuse of power. Descended from early settlers to this country in 1636, I was now the victim of a Russian Jew who had ruined my chances of advancement in the Marine Corps, where my father before me had fought at Iwo Jima in WWII and had been a captain in the Korean War.

I therefore obtained an inter-service transfer to get OUT of this all-black unit, where BTW I was under the supervision of a Jewish sergeant who kept goading me to make 'racist remarks' by asking "Gawd, don't you think these jungle bunnies are stupid?") to the Virginia Army National Guard, where in an infantry company in Winchester, Virginia I became "company guardsman of the year" in my first year there, 1980. Among other achievements, I shot expert on the 45-cal. pistol range and I crossed the finish line as the first enlisted soldier (third over all) in a battalion-level, i.e. 600-man, twelve-mile march -- AFTER DOING AN ALL-NIGHT GUARD DUTY. The officer who chose me for this award was our company commander, Captain John Holt.

Not only was I almost murdered in 1979 for my political views, as Captain Gold confirmed above, but on August 25th the 40th anniversary occurred of the assassination-murder by ambush gunfire of George Lincoln Rockwell, Commander, United States Navy, a decorated combat navy pilot in both WWII and in Korea. One of Commander Rockwell's best friends was Marine general Pedro del Valle, a white Spanish Puerto Rican, who was writing an introduction to one of Rockwell's books when Commander Rockwell was ambushed after picking up some clothes from a laundromat.

I have faced threats and danger every day for my beliefs for 30 years, as do all others who fight the Jewish takeover of our lives.

* * *

My home was also invaded in late November, 2007.

John de Nugent - "Harassment"

I have a detailed plan, comrade VS, to turn the presidential campaign into a permanent MOVE-MENT, and to organize its growth with or without me. I've been working out the details for three decades. I always knew this day would come:

1) economic meltdown
2) whites wake up to being swamped by immigrants and becoming a minority themselves
3) a non-white major candidate threatens to become president

I will address your concerns in another post or a PM, albeit not in the kind of detail that would reassure concerned WNs -- but unfortunately at a level of detail that would also directly aid the Enemy.


John de Nugent

The Russians' "Father of All Bombs."
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