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fervent support; Pennsylvania paradise ;-)

John de Nugent <> a écrit :
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 01:59:21 +0200 (CEST)
De: John de Nugent <>
Objet: fervent support; Pennsylvania paradise ;-)
À: John de Nugent <>

Apocalypse of the Psychopaths (fervent support for JdN and Holappa)  [ To: John_de_Nugent  |  Post 296438186, reply to 296437858 ] (Score: 2)

Wonderful support keeps pouring in as the countdown continues for the launch of our Solutrean movement -- and the candidacy of John de Nugent 2008 for president of America.

Here is a sample of recent "private messages" to my discussion fora.

* * *
--Great speaking!
--Your posts are always quality. Thanks for the kind words about the Irish.
--As a longtime White Nationalist and man of German, English and French heritage I can't thank you enough for this outstanding thread! I wish you continued success and all the best! Vielen Dank!
--Thanks, comrade. I wish you all the very best in your campaign to awaken and strengthen our kinsfolk.
--I am German-born and my husband has a Finnish blood line. We find these [postings by or about the persecuted and courageous Henrik Holappa] especially interesting. Thanks.

Henrik Holappa checking out the American Munich, Pittsburgh, which this year celebrates its 250 years of proud white heritage: French (?Fort Duquesne?], Scots-Irish, German and Eastern European.(A lot of those steel girders in your building or the bridge you drive over were once red-hot steel ingots poured and hammered into shape in Pittsburgh, Pa. by Slavic-Americans!)

--Great stuff.
--Finally someone who speaks to me the way my heart,mind and soul KNOW! Thank you John, I love you for your truth and honesty. We are the nemesis and we will prevail. Kindest regards.
--Thank you for your activism, heart and commitment.
--Great !!! I am praying for you always.
--Thanks for sharing Henrik's story and writing.

A strong, silent, broad-shouldered Finn learns to smile American-style before the backdrop of the old and the new Pittsburgh ? the Presbyterian Shadyside Church and the attractive skyscrapers of this soaring city.

--Excellent, as always.
--[a comment sent before our packed-house August 17 event] If only I weren't 1,100 miles away. Hope everything goes superbly for everyone there.

At our short-notice 8/17 event, here are about 20% of the attendees, on a nature walk. A viable national movement always attracts 1) politically-oriented older educated men but also the 2) young, 3) women of all ages and 4) the huge working class, the most put-upon, "dissed" and suffering segment of the white population.

Our neighbor, whom we met on the nature walk, has an "ultra-light" (a kind of personal airplane) and his own short runway! At up to 35 mph he wafts over our verdant hills full of deer, bears and woodchucks, glimpsing below the silvery-glistening creeks and our mighty, curving rivers.

--An appreciable insight. Thank you.
--Great post! Ave!!!
--Indeed great comments and very true.
--The most sincere reputation points I've ever given. You're the stuff legends are made of.
--[referring to my videos at and also fully sixteen short videos made from my December 07 Winterfest speech in Phoenix, Arizona at youtube/whitecivilrights] Great speaking!!!

If you visit me, come down to the Allegheny river too -- and see the blond kids washing ashore!

A comrade wrote:

* * *
[quote]I enjoyed listening to Peter Schaenk's interview with you on a few days ago [8/19/08].

You mentioned you reside in Pennsylvania outside of Pittsburgh. I am a single white man who currently lives in the supreme cesspool of Los Angeles and am looking to relocate. From what I've gleened, even the Pacific Northwest is steadily being infiltrated by mestizos. I've been considering the northeast as the alternative. I've looked at prices of homes there, and for the price of a condo here in L.A., you can get a nice little house on an acre or two of land near Portland, Maine, which is over 90% white in the whitest state in the country.

When I heard your interview and you talked about how attractive Pennsylvania was, I looked up some prices on and it looked even cheaper than Maine --- almost too good to be true. Would you mind narrowing down some areas for me in Pennsylvania to check prices on?

Some counties or areas which you think are desirable would help me focus on those places so I can start getting an idea of what the possibilities are, prices, property taxes, etc.

Thanks for any suggestions.


I responded:

* * *

Dear white brother,

The greater Pittsburgh area is truly magnificent -- and VERY low-priced. (It lost literally half its population -- half its owners and renters -- during the worst of the Rust Belt days in the 1970s and 1980s.)

Have you seen my serious posts discussing Pittsburgh and its vicinity? (We live in exurbia 25 minutes NW of the city, and love both the city and the countryside here.)

Here are a few:






Further, white brother, I intend to make Pittsburgh into the Munich of North America, the epicenter of our political rebirth.

You may call me to discuss your move. We love it here, and so will you. I guarantee it -- if you as a Californian can take a cold winter -- three months of snow and bare trees. I personally love snow and the four seasons.

By the economy having been flat from 1970-1995 it is still 90% white, 10% black just as it was back in 1970 -- almost no Mexicans or Asians have ever moved in, and many of the Jews have moved away for Green-baumer fields.

Most of all, EVERYONE here is racially conscious, more even than the Deep South where I have also lived (GA, LA) or the Upper South (TN and VA, where I have also lived).

As James Carville once said about attitudes: "Pennsylvania is Philly in the east, Pittsburgh in the west, and Alabama in between." But I would say MORE so.

And with so many Eastern Europeans here you have a deep antisemitic bedrock, and with so many German-Americans here (the largest group) you have a group that is very sick and tired of the Holocaust and wants its pride back. I speak from experience.

Best to you, white brother,

John de Nugent

PS The counties around here in Greater Pittsburgh are ALL very nice in every way, and all are cheap in terms of housing prices. Due north of Pittsburgh is however less cheap.

The truly super-cheap areas DO have blacks and they do have crime; but there is very little "white-trash" element. There are abandoned homes but the inhabited ones are usually kept up quite nicely all over this region.

As a treat for your eyes and your soul, white brother, you must check out this great visual website:

Freeport is an awesome and affordable town nestled in the mountain ridges and rivers -- just five minutes from us. Near fast highways into Pittsburgh, shopping, with great schools and all the rest.

But it's ONLY 98.4% white. [laugh]

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