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JdN's first event Sunday 1:30 Sarver PA; Green Berets

Dear comrades and friends,

As I prepare for our first gathering tomorrow, I can only rejoice at the support coming in.

===========after seeing this video of a segment of my Winterfest speech a comrade wrote a comment under that video:

Finally a person with common sense steps into the ring! This speech has left me speechless; even the people in the audience I think are shocked. I showed this to my older brother, and at first he was shocked, but by the end he was nodding his head in agreement. I think the Spirit of Hitler is in this John de Nugent, I get the same kind of trance like state when I listen to John speak as I do watching Hitler. Watch out America -- I think you just might get saved after all! Thank God for John de Nugent!
* * *

I thank that white brother.

In reality, we ALL can:

1) avoid the serious mistakes of Hitler, especially his slavophobia and unrealistic anglophilia, and

2) let his courageous, selfless and idealistic spirit enter our individual lives, and push us forward, like him, to a life of heroism, dignity, duty, joy and the pinnacles of high achievement.

Video: restored 1944 Messerschmitt 262 combat jet fighter in actual flight at the 2006 International Aerospace Exhibition in Berlin, Germany.

In fact, ALL Aryan heroes, I believe and I know, who have gone before us (and that includes Washington, Jefferson and Lee) wait to give us courage, inspiration and ideas from the beyond -- ONCE WE ABSOLUTELY DECIDE TO COMMIT OUR LIVES. Only this total commitment releases the energy.

I was also immensely honored, as a former Marine who served during peacetime (1977-81), to receive from a true combat warrior -- a former master sergeant of the famous Green Berets, the Special Forces of the US Army -- from the white leader Glenn Miller -- who served two combat tours in the hellish war in Vietnam -- the following post on
Man, am I impressed with this fellow, John de Nugent, after reading some of his writings and viewing him on youtube videos. I'd never heard of him until a few days ago. So I checked privately with WNs [white nationalists] whose judgment I trust. They all said John de Nugent is genuine. A very trusted friend and long time activist, Roy Armstrong, one of David Duke's close associates, said he's known John for 25 years, and trusts him completely.

I even phoned Wil Williams [a Green Beret captain in Vietnam] who gave John a good report.

John is placing both his feet into the battle arena now. He boldly proclaims his name, face, address, and phone number before the ZOGs. And his brilliance, racial stock, charisma, jew-wiseness and courage are plain for all to see. He's even got a military background added to his super-impressive leadership resume.

John deserves the most generous support of all genuinely serious VNN'ers.
Glenn Miller, through day-and-night hard work, courage, sincerity and ability, created a big White Patriot Party movement in North Carolina in the 1980s. Though eventually the entire ZOG system (including both the litigating Jew Morris Dees and the federal government itself) finally clobbered him, and circumstances literally forced him to testify against other white comrades (who beforehand had been literally and diabolically forced in turn to testify against him by the feds), I feel incredibly honored, yes exhilarated, when proven warriors such as both the Order members (now languishing in ZOG's prisons) and Glenn Miller and Wil Williams of the world-renowned Green Berets offer me their support.

And why do they do it? Because they know as warriors that every movement NEEDS a leader, and because they sense that I am willing, just as they did, to make every sacrifice, even the supreme one, for our beleaguered, wonderful, beautiful folk.

=========A Canadian comrade wrote something that I think is basically quite true all over the oppressed white world:

* * *
Something divine will happen, I can feel it, people I talk to, and regular working middle class white people these are, not right wing types, have had enough.

They've seen society degrade, they've watched helplessly, but now I tell them that my generation is the one that brings the change. We are the American History X/Prussian Blue phenomena, and we haven't voted yet, because there hasn't been a decent choice.

I think the Zionist media is going to get a strong message, that once you can't stand by and watch TMZ (Totalitarian Media Zionism) taking over the country and dictating what our sons and daughters become, we won't stand by any longer.

John has started the battle, there will be many of us willing to join him, and we won't stand by any longer.
===================South Ossetia TRUTH by accident on Fox News: "Thank you to the Russian troops!"

Vladimir the Great, president of Russia 2000-2008, now prime minister.

===================JdN's FIRST EVENT

A reminder of the social event and gathering tomorrow if you can come, Sunday 8/17, 1:30 pm to dusk.

So far it seems about 30 people will be coming to this short-notice event, a cross-section of white families, singles, and all age groups and genders. Some will be hard-core WNs, others people merely concerned about the assault on the white Christian family and on home schooling, worried by the Hispanic invasion and disgusted by the miserable non-choice we are being presented: between the Obamanation -- and Abel's older brother Cain.

Directions to 213 Ekastown Road, Sarver, Pennsylvania 16055 (tel: 724.353.0154):

From almost any direction nearing Pittsburgh, the Mighty American Munich, take Route 28.

It is a beautiful state-built superhighway slicing literally through the mountains. It rockets out of Pittsburgh northeastwards, with gorgeous vistas alongside the beautiful Allegheny River (which the French simply and justly called La Belle Riviere.

The Allegheny River beach at Freeport, five minutes east of our house.

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024x768.

Pennsylvania: what a great white place to be a kid. No "Needle Park," no "South Park," no Israeli-designed Bratz dolls. The state is 88% white and our area 98%.

We are just off Route 28, 17 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, and just three minutes NW of the exit ramp of exit 16 off Route 28 ("Millerstown-Freeport" exit).

A Google map of our exit and road.

If coming from the north, at bottom of the "exit 16" ramp you will turn RIGHT (west). If coming up from the south, via Pittsburgh, at the bottom of the ramp turn LEFT (west), and go under the Route 28 overpass hillwards.

The road up the hill is called S.R. [State Road] 908.

Drive up the hill (going west), passing "Graff's Trucking" on the left. Over the crest, the road then slopes down to a four-way stop/blinking light (with an excellent vegetable stand on the right). On the right you will see a sign for "Ekastown Road." That is OUR road, You are almost at your goal!

(On the far left corner of the intersection is a big blue sign for a business promoting "Pools and Spas.")

Obviously, turn right onto Ekastown Road; this is the road we are on. (Left would be a mistake: Saxonburg Road.)

At the top of the a short hill you will see a huge, nice red barn on the left and opposite it, on the right, two county signs: "Entering Butler County" and "Entering Buffalo Township." (Watch out for buffaloes roaming across the road. .)

Our house is exactly the eleventh house on the right after the Butler County sign, and the fifth house on the right after Parker Road (located only on the right). It is a 1946-built, Scandinavian-style, brick and wood house with a flat roof. DE NUGENT is on the mailbox. A big country skillet hangs on the outside wall with "213."

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024x768.

Parking: turn right into the driveway at the end of the property, just before the giant sunflowers, and park in front of or along our big brick back building. (There are three buildings on this two-acre lot).

You are welcome to bring food, as long as it is kosher for Passover. .

There will be a mountain (or creekside) walk with dogs, kids and adults, games, sports, picnic, several short remarks by three speakers, and Margaret Huffstickler (with a masters in musicology) along with other honey-dewed voices may sing.

If anyone, coming tomorrow or not, would like to donate cash, it would be appreciated. Sacrifice is the name of the game; you come here to give of yourself. The selfish cult of the individual is what the Jews preach at us, while THEY preach relentlessly the virtues of groupthink.

John de Nugent
213 Ekastown Road
Sarver PA 16055
(724) 353-0154

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Come walk along Buffalo Creek with Henrik Holappa, former Finnish soldier who will tell all America what "hate-speech laws" mean -- you cannot object to gang-rape by Muslims or Africans in your own country. That would be "racist," and disrespecting their "culture."

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1021x765.

Henrik is working at our home on an article on Larry Thorne (Lauri Toerni), a Finnish war hero (1919-1965) who later became a U.S. Green Beret major and anti-communist legend -- the ONLY Waffen-SS officer buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

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Flag today of Finnish Special Forces

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024x768.

This man is laughing because two four-legged attackers in the Pennsylvania woods just slurp-faced him. Come and have fellowship with us this week, next or sometime soon as we organize for joy and battle. And get ready for my book -- and then my fighting organization!

John de Nugent Radio Show! live Tues. and Fri. 9 PM-10:30 (EDT, 6-7:30 Pacific) & archived!

My thread at eNationalist, "Apocalypse of the Psychopaths"

See videos by John de Nugent and his friends!

To see what is in front of one's nose requires constant struggle. -- George Orwell

The Barnes Review magazine, Washington DC

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