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RE : Good Meeting You

Dear Rich,

Henrik and I are delighted to hear from you again. Did you see on SF or elsewhere the two big "posts' Henrik did about comparing the KSS picnic with a Movement event in Sweden?

I believe you are in Harrisburg, are you not, Rich?  That is quite a distance but I am planning an event for the Pittsburgh area to introduce Henrik to the local WNs. Ever since the Nat'l Alliance imploded there has been a shocking lack of activity of any sort out here  -- in an area unbelievably ripe for white activism.

Literally EVERYONE we talk to is ready. Everyone.

My plan is to finish a book this month of August that, I hope, will be the foundation of transforming our pitiful numbers into a mass movement as we saw in Germany.

Please call me: 724-353-0154


R S <> a écrit :
Greetings John,
It was good meeting you at the KSS Picnic the other weekend.  I just came across your e-mail and thought I would drop you a line.  If you ever want to get together to discuss more of what we talked about give me call.  I think I can be of some assistance.

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