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Lloyd hides behind slander and cowardice talk

!!NSM attacks from Lloyd!!

Such Unity of a Race, or is it Jewish tactics against our racial struggle?!

As seen through out our racial struggle we discover that our most common attacks come from within or there upon an attempt from within.

It has been released lately that Mr.Lloyd would like a good ole boot to the head to regain his lost common sense, if he ever had any?

Mr.Lloyd and his army of Ghetto Jihadist are wanting any white fool to join their cause and continue to help hinder our racial struggle by their terms.

Address has been sent to Mr.Lloyd of the meeting place here in west Texas "Lubbock" but he prefers to stay a keyboard commando and throw words and incite hate against our Nation and our Race.

The real coward hides behind others and hides in elusive shadows.


Im right here at 868 highway 168 Smyer Texas Bub not in some mexishit crowd where you will be speaking...14  miles west of Lubbock see you bub





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