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Re: my responce to an Anglo's anti-imagration e-mail...

Dont Like America or it's Whites?
Then leave you TRAITOR
If it werent for families like our's over the past centuries, then you would not even be allowed to express your ignorance so much....what a waste you are.
Maybe your anti-White stance is why your trying to find friends amongst the negroes and Spics?!

Sejdmadr Hardy Lloyd <> wrote:
If whitey would get off his ass and start SHOOTING instead of watching TV, then you americans wouldn't be screwed right now!!
Stop talking, start revolting!!
Only VIOLENCE saves people from slavery!
Only ULTRA, PSYCHOTIC VIOLENCE will win this war!
And yet, you americans won't listen to Hardy... Nope... And that is why I attack the Anglo-Saxon! You want to parade around in them suit-N-ties, or them NSM uniforms all day, passing out fliers with facts that the average person don't give a shit about, instead of FIGHTING!!!! You anglo's are losers!! The average white is a MORON! Stop trying to convince him to join us, and FORCE his ass to join us!!
You people should rape and murder ANYONE who refuses to join the call for violence against our enemies! Make the average white american fool FEAR us more than fearing the cops! And start killing those cops, already!!
I killed a FED agent, got off in court, and yet you monkeys criticize ME for pushing ultra violence?!?!
And you wonder why I work with Mestizo's and black Muslims!!
Shit, I'm glad when a white american dies by the hands of a mud!! You people made your bed, NOW LIE IN IT!!!!
If you had started to kill cops and americans back in the 60's, then we wouldn't have these problems today! It's YOUR fault, pal!!
I keep telling you, violence, only violence will work!! And please, stop trying to recruit!! If you live in today's world, especially america, and yet you need to be convinced to join us, then you should be shot!! Start killing people who don't agree with us! MAKE THE FILTHYAMERICANS FEAR US!!
Terrorism works!!
Oh, shit, this is a waste of time..........
You all know what I preach, and what I stand for... I just don't understand why you Anglo-Saxon's don't follow what we do in Europe/Russia and South America...? You talk endlessly, and try to recruit endlessly... You hold parades and rallies where 50 people show up... The Anglo-Saxon countries are lost! They are lost!! Only ultra, hardcore violence will win them back!
But, you keep talking and parading and recruiting... WHY???
It ain't 1934!
Get over it, already...!
The Anglo lands are lost! The only option left is violence!!
Also, you Anglo's have no, absolutely NO comprehension of TRUE Aryan spirituality, either!! Why can't you people start reading Julius Evola!?! Read the European and South American stuff!! This Anglo-Saxon ONLY culture of yours pisses me off to no end!! And you wonder why I hate americans so much!?!
Well, I need to run on down to the Post Office now... And pick up that WMD I ordered from Sears... You good little Anglo boys and girls start up that violence now... That is, if you want to see North America, Australia and the UK return to whitey!!
Hardy Lloyd: Mr. psycho himself!

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