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I've been ordaining people left and right...!

Just to fuck with the TCM, I've been ordaining people left and right for the last year and a half... I'm using my copy of my Ministers certificate, given to me by Matt Hale himself in 2002, and having them re-produced professionally with Matt's signature intact!!
Just so ya TCM fakes know you've got a couple of JEWS posing as Creator Reverends in the TCM...!
I'll make the stench so putrid and so high, that you TCM fucks will be the laughing stocks of the "movement"!!
I told you clowns not to fuck with a Skinhead!
You'll get a ton of bricks dumped on your head!!
Now, if only Mister fag would come on out of his ILL closet and fight me... I'll be in Texas, June 14th, faghead!! I'll also be in Cleveland for the next 2 Satanic concerts!! MEET ME!!!! Or are ya just a chicken-shit, child rapist!?!
Ya know something, if Matt gets out on his appeal, your ass is grass!! Then again, didn't you say that you would quit Creativity is Matt got out?!? Hmmmmmmm....... I wonder why???

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