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while I'm waiting for my socks to dry, i want to make a statement:::

while I'm waiting for my socks to dry, i want to make a statement:::
The reason I left the North American section of the White movement, the reason why I joined Greater Europa and the Evola society are as follows:::
First off, Evola is the only truth!!
I've given 22 years of 1,000% activism, even going so far as to live on the street and for a time in a nigger shelter in koontown, because no one will hire me in this town. And yet, I kept up the activism! Why, because I believe!!
I brought WRL to Pgh!
I brought Creativity to Pgh!
I brought people into WRL!
I uncovered spies, gave all my extra money to the cause, pissed on my family, lost girlfriends because I put the cause ahead of my own relationships...!
I've been arrested half a dozen times! Lots of fights on the street with ARA and niggers!
And then I find an FBI mole in Pgh, who is planing on assassination not only myself, but my wife and 12 other people! I kill this FBI cunt, keep my people out of jail, save my wife, and save 12 other people, spend 2 1/2 years in prison, waiting for the monkey trial to start! Every other week some niggers would jump me!! White's no help inside!!!!
Then I have to spend $150,000 for an attorney to keep me from getting fucked up the ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And what happens after I get out?
What happens after I did 2 and a half years as a POW?
What happens after I killed an FBI informant?
What happens after I keep my fucking mouth shut???
You, some fag from outta no where, who the other leaders of the WCOTC never even know about, claims I'm a snitch!?!?!?!!!
Why don't you say that shit to my face, you fagot coward!!
I DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's why I left NA section!
Because the filthy anglo-saxon white is trash!!
And you know what? I feel better. Alive and free and doing what I love!
Oh, well, fuck it.......................
responding to you is a waste of time!
Oh, by the way, I have ALL Struggles from 2001, 2002, and the ones after Hales arrest up to June of 2003!!
My PObox is listed on the 4th FACTS!
Hale published ALL my essays! Both in the Struggle and in the newsgroup!
I've spoken to his parents!
Cook can't find any Struggle that claims I was "booted"!
When ever you want to come to Cleveland or Pittsburgh and fight me, I'll be waiting.............
Hell, you probably rape children!
Your father is part nigger!
Come on, loghead, come to Cleveland or Pittsburgh!!!!
Your "movement" is a joke!!
The anglo-saxon white will die!!
Greater Europa and Evola are the here and the now and the future!!
Cook, sorry friend, but after this ass-fag, I just can't come back to a "movement" that spits on honor, that hates loyalty, and that rewards cowerdess!!!! Not to mention a "movemnet" that is lost, dead, and born to loose!!!! This is why my wife and I are moving to Europe!

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