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Re: Hey Rich

In a message dated 2/12/2007 10:38:09 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
Good to hear from you.  I've been busy at work up here and really haven't talked to many people since the conference.  Have you talked to Jonathan lately?  Some things with CJCC/AN have changed since the conference.  Things are in limbo at the moment.  Do you ever get up to PA for anything?


Hi Rich-
Yeah, I've been in touch with Jonathan, and the news really surprised me. I think we really need to be consolidating not further dividing, but that is my opinion; you know my brick wall analogy.

I stay pretty much around the Charlotte area, except when I go to events; I'll be speaking St. Louis on the 24th, but other than that I stay local. Busy and the price of gas is horrendous. Occasionally, while passing through (it's a 14 hour drive) on the way to Yankeeland, I run up 81 and across 78, but other than that, I don't get to PA.

Oh, Paladin approved the submission for the escape book; contract is on the way, so you can look for it in a year or so. See below:

Take care for now,



We're going to pass on "Common Sense Disaster Preparation" because we
have something similar coming out in April, but we'd like to contract
for "Bypassing Gridlock in a Crisis." The outline indicates that it
won't cover the same old topics in the survivalist genre but will
actually provide a new twist on how to be self-reliant in a crisis.
My only input at this early stage is to not get bogged down in oft-
covered areas like compass reading and surviving the elements (as you
note in the outline) but really focus on what makes this material
unique—utilizing special maps and other little-known resources to
plan an evacuation route out of urban/suburban areas and get to safer
territory, how to carry out an evacuation, and how to handle yourself
once you are out of Dodge.

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