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Brother Rich,
Yahweh's blessing and greetings from his humble servent.  I'm writing to you regarding the lastest news about the division being attempted by some of the Leadership of the Aryan Nation/CJCC!  As I understand it, our (so called) Leadership wants to abandon the teachings of Pastor Butler and isolate ourselves from others that are like minded towards the race that Yahweh has chosen.  I'd like to express my unwillingness to support such a decision.  We need to unite not isolate ourselves in this movement.  Even if some do not understand the beliefs set forth by Yahweh, they still unknowingly support his cause.  Like the saying goes "there's safety in numbers" and making a move like this will only advance the ZOG ideology and help the Jews take over.  I have plenty of other concerns regarding this matter, but if our current Leadership wants to pursue this "separation", then maybe we need different Leadership! 
Leadership isn't easy and sometimes you need to do what's best for the order, even if it's against the masses, but I cannot believe that Yahweh is guiding this action.
Maybe the current Leadership needs to step back temporarily, if it's getting too difficult given whatever situation is pressuring this?  Or maybe additional Leadership needs to be added to help share the burden?  Which ever way is fine with me, but separating/isolating ourselves is not in the best interest to advance Yahweh's beliefs and teachings.
May Yahweh continue to Bless AN/CJCC
His servent 14/88
Brother Michael

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