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United States of Hypocrisy

       In these days I have seen more and more, the complete hypocrisy of the United States. I am not against my country at all, just the wool the wolves put over Americans eyes. This country has moved to an " Politically Correct " union, that has and is abolishing free speech.
       Honkey, white trash, wedo (white boy in spanish ), are just a few things I am going to touch on. In the United States of Political Correctness, European - Americans are NOT called by our rightful names. We are racist, and hate mongers if we call a colored a nigger, a mexican a spic, or even God forbid, we call a jew a kike!
        Yet, these races scream to be called by their political correct names, and refuse to acknowledge that European Americans ARE ARYANS, and need to be called as such. Hate crimes spew from the propaganda unleashed from the government and their parasite alliances.
        It is a great hypocritical situation when you can say and do whatever you want as long as you're not WHITE! I believe with all my heart and soul in freedom of speech. Niggers, kikes, spics, towel-heads, are all the same to me : " PARASITES ". People say that the ARYANS are the problem, but I beg to differ. I can't get a job because I am not a spic crossing the borders illegally, can't get help with food because I am not a nigger with 10 kids driving a new vehicle wearing diamonds and gold. I'm not allowed to state my opinion to the news papers, for the kikes own the media.
        I have noticed through years of watching people whom the government favors, and rejects. With the " Million Monkey March " police were there....not to arrest these scum, but to protect them. At ARYAN, and Klan gatherings police are there too. But not to protect. They are there taking license plate numbers, and awaiting the chance to pounce and arrest everyone they can.
         You can be associated with radical groups, never be a confirmed citizen, and be the president of this country. You can have these sub-species represent you in the courts of law, and there is no consequences to worry about. Yet if you're asssociated with any WHITE, ARYAN group, you are not allowed to be in any political office. These are great hypocritical, and political correctness biasness' that were and are made to surpress, and oppress the ARYAN man. The United States that I was born and raised in, was once a place called " America ". Yet now it is getting to the point of embarressment to say I am an American. I do thank GOD however, that I am  a proud ARYAN! Although these scum have stolen my rights of free speech, my pursuit of happiness, liberty and life; and burned the constitution before my eyes, they shall never steal from me my love for my race, and heritage!
        The United States of America are dead and gone folks, welcome to:
                              " THE UNITED STATES OF HYPOCRISY "

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