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Racial loyalists greetings!
My fellow White  Brothers and Sisters of the National Socialist Movement. It has been reported to me that the N.S.M. is planning a March on Washington D.C. on April 19Th 2008  This is a great and noble plan however,LISTEN to reason before you embark on such a brave mission.You might be doing more harm than good for the racial loyalists struggle here in America. Can you imagine for a moment that there are only Creators at this March on Washington and we are not wearing brown shirts nor armbands of the past, but the black uniform of  the CREATIVITY MOVEMENT! instead of white people being scared  off or offended by the swastika they are now seeing the HOLY FLAG of Creativity which represents a NEW ORDER among the WHITE PEOPLES in this country and the globe! Here are some facts to consider:
I.  The American People are never going to embrace National Socialism thus alienating them from our way of thinking.
II.Creativity is much more logical comprehensive and meaningful racial religion than Nationalism
which encompasses ALL OF THE WHITE RACE!
not just the Germanic or Aryan peoples.
III. Adolf Hitler and the Swastika have been demonized for decades after the war and numerous White Americans lost loved ones as a result of the bloodshed between our countries.
IV.The banner of Creativity unites ALL the White Peoples of the World regardless of nationality or language and is not interested in old outdated ideologies of the  our dark fratricidal past.
V. The White peoples of America  and the world  would not see the Creativity Movement or Creators  as old  foreign enemies from Germany and Europe making it easier for them to understand our message of white racial loyalty.
So, my Comrades  you must  consider all these facts before you put on your brown shirts and Armbands on April 19Th THINK about how you will only be setting our the racial loyalist cause back another ten or twenty years from our final total white Victory!
I  beckon you my white brothers and sisters to join the Creativity Movement so the we can see victory in our life time. STOP WAISTING TIME! the white race can not hold out much longer. Wake up before its too late...
Trust us to lead you so we can win over the hearts and minds of our people.FREE POLITICAL PRISONER MATT HALE!
Rev.Michael Von Koch
Praefectus/Matt Hale Brigade
P.O. Box 313
Wrightsville, PA 17368
(717) 252 - 6020

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