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P.O.Box 313
Wrightsville, PA. 17368
(717) 252 - 6020
Racial Loyalist Greetings!
My Brothers and Sisters of the world  the time has come for all Creators to unite under the one and only true WHITE RACIAL RELIGION  CREATIVITY  in the name of our founder Ben Klassen we will overcome and smash any obstacle in our way to become the greatest racial loyalist movement that has ever been seen before in the history of the White Race!
My name is Reverend Michael Cook and I am the Leader of the New World Church of Creativity and founder of the Matt Hale Brigade the Militant-wing of the Church.This will be the Armed section of the church though we are law abiding however, we will defend our Leaders, our religion, and constitutional rights at all cost! I worked along side our Pontifix Maximus at World Headquarters in East Peoria Illinois 1999 to 2000. I was a very close friend of his and in 2003 I invited him to Speak at the Martin Library which proved to be a great success in uniting the various pro-White factions and getting mass media coverage of the event.There has never been a York 2 since PM Hales kidnapping.
The new World Church of Creativity needs your complete and unconditional $upport so that  the church can operate at full capacity and fight any  form of treachery or lawsuits that are thrown against the church. We need to be organized to the point where the church was under the leadership of PM Matt Hale.Fighting and defeating our racial and biological enemies,holding public meetings, rallies, and protests,etc.THE ONLY WAY THIS CAN BE DONE IS TO UNITE ALL CREATORS UNDER ONE CHURCH! and only ONE CHURCH! I  will lead this effort only until another  Brave and courageous Creator  can take my place.  I will gladly step aside for the one who would be considered the great propounder that  Ben Klassen  spoke about before he died.I am  40 years old  and  in great health.
There must be a clear understanding made at this point. If the Church is not founded by our members the expense will then be on the back of the one leader who can not survive without the   support of the  members  and OUR CHURCH WILL FALL LIKE IT DID IN THE PAST! In short, if you are not willing to SACRIFICE a few hundred dollars per year i.e.(those that can) then the church will not seriously get off the ground in the first place.WE  CREATORS KNOW THAT TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR OUR RACE ON  A WORLD WIDE SCALE! The New World Church of Creativity needs your support-NOW! sent in the form of checks or Money orders. These donations will be the building blocks of the future of our church. Please make them payable to:  World Church of Creativity P.O. Box 313 Wrightsville, PA. 17368  We need to begin our work not only in rebuilding our glorious church but, we need strong  White Men in order to maintain it. As leader of the Church I WILL PUT MY NECK ON THE LINE for you just like PM Hale did but When I go public and begin speaking  and appearing on TV etc.  The day  will come when I might not ever be able to get another job or be able to feed my  family or my self until our day of victory.   That is why it is critical that YOU SUPPORT THE CHURCH! It   would be unthinkable that the POWER of the Church should ever be broken again due to the members lack of support. The Jews would  then have  another victory over us besides the  illegal kidnapping  and imprisonment of our Pontifix Maximus! The church will  live on to see another  rebirth or it will die along with our  race the  choice  is up to YOU...WHITE  MAN!
Delend Est Judica!
Rev.Michael Cook
Praefectus/Matt Hale Brigade

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