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Skinhead Ministry Oversight

Greetings Colonel! Rich
I hope that you were able to speak to Pastor Lance about the problem that Nate here in AZ had with some scum bag who turned out to be a rat.
Nate has a real burning  desire to walk in the footsteps of His Reverend Excellency Pastor Butler as it relates to sharing the Two seedline Gospel Message with the Skinheads, many of whom are sitting in jew induced darkness. Nate had been with Pastor for awhile at HQ. Since he's walking in the light of a vision of Pastor's, I would not want to be responsible for Nate working in the permissible, as opposed to the "Perfect" will of God. As the Blessed Scriptures say, We hold all of this in but earthen vessels as we strive to attain the reality that CHRIST WITHIN US, is the only hope of (eternal) Glory (COL 1:27)
I would have no problem with having the Outreach  Ministry to Skinheads Division being transfered to the Oversight of Pastor Lance  who is more centrally located in the Midwest. Since  Minister Nate had  preformed a wedding Service during his tenure of office as A/N State Leader  & this operation already encompasses contacts to several other states, his acting independently of me, yet under the supervision of the Council,  would make a great deal of sense.
Respectfully, Bob, AZ State Leader

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