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Greetings Maj Mike!

Greetings Major Mike McQueeney (Retired Aryan Nations) ! What a blessing it was to talk with you this morning. Your contributions to Aryan Nations shall continue to go on affecting the lives of many for good, for some time to come. We know that Pastor Butler always chreished the fellowship that he had with you. Though we remain grief stricken at his passing, We know through FAITH that before the foundations of the earth were laid, a day was established in the heavens for His Reverend Excellency, Pastor Butler to lead us to the ultimate victory at the right hand of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!

I'm elated that you're in contact from time to time with Pastor Jon Williams. The hearts of the brethern are filled with gladdness on account of his excellent ministry. Brother Laslo is much to be commended for his work in keeping things going , although few give him any credit at all.

I'm sending you the Congress info. By all means bring your uniform so that we can pull security together. Brother Derek is thinking of going too. I'd like for you to meet him, he's a really good brother.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bob, (retired Aryan Nations Major)

CC: The TRUE Brethern

CJCC/ AN "World Congress 2006"!

3 Days of fellowship!

The "Opening Ceremonies" for the
2006"CJCC/ AN World Congress" will kick off on Friday, September 15th, and will close Sunday, September 17th. We will have a wonderful time of fellowship as always, and the location this year will prove to be just as terrific! The "World Famous Redneck Shoppe" in Laurens, South Carolina will be the location of this Blessed event, and we encourage ALL KINDRED who wish to hear the message to attend. There will be more Announcements concerning specifics posted on this page in weeks to come. Keep checking back often for updates!

The current list of speakers is as follows (subject to change):

Pastor Jonathan Williams (Senior Pastor CJCC/ AN)

Col. Rick Spring (Chief of Security CJCC/ AN)

Rev. Kenneth O' Ryan (Asst. Pastor CJCC/ AN)

Christopher Hicks (Youth Director CJCC/ AN)

Pastor Eli James (Ecclesiastical Council for the Restoration of Christian Israel)

Pastor Kenn Gregg (Knights of Yahweh)

Pastor Gerald Fultz (Knights of Yahweh)

Dr. Ed Fields ("Truth at Last" News)

Billy Roper (Chairman of White Revolution)

Pastor Jerry Harwood (Great Tennessee Knights KKK)

Rev. Ray Larsen (National Knights KKK)

Pastor Mike Hallimore (Kingdom Identity Ministries)

Clayton Douglas (The "Free American" Newspaper)


*If you would like to be considered to speak, lecture, perform, vend merchandise, etc. please call 205-616-6497 or 770-256-5060 and leave a message with information concerning your request!
Yahweh Bless and Hail Victory!

Copyright 2006. Church of Jesus Christ Christian. All rights reserved.

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