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NSM cuddly and cute? news story

The New, Cuddly, Cute White Supremacists

USA Today has a bizarrely neutral article up about how white supremacists are toning down their image to better appeal to the masses. They're updating their uniforms (from brown Nazi uniform with a swastika armband to black fatigues), changing their names (from Keystone State Skinheads to Keystone United), and altering their tactics (from violent confrontations to gatherings in public libraries). And if anecdotal evidence can be trusted, it's working! According to Jeff Schoep, head of the National Socialist Movement, more and more white folks are being drawn to the movement as they become upset about immigration, worry about Obama, and fret about the economy. "We are the answer for white people," Schoep said. Yikes!

But let's step back here a second. Are we supposed to believe the MSM and its inherent biases against white supremacists? Not a chance. Which is why we went to Stormfront, a white nationalist site with 144,000 registered members. What are the soldiers on the ground saying about this supposed rebranding?

• "We definitely need to reject the 'white supremacist' identification. It has a connotation that turns away whites and it does not represent my ideology. A supremacist wants to rule over other races, whereas I just want to be left alone from them in a white state."—Iron Struggle

• "The sooner some people in this movement quit acting like the stereotype we are portrayed to be by the jew media, the sooner more and more white people will be unafraid to join."—Black Eagle

• "The [National Socialist Movement] has really dropped their pseudo-[Sturmabteilung] uniforms? I think that's definitely a step in the right direction in terms of being taken seriously- or being seen as fighting for the future rather than hoping to relive the past. I might consider joining them now- I was always a bit hesitant because of that impression, but I like this change. : )"—88 Soldat

• "Admittedly, we were slow to change our ways. But now, to every one they count here, they're realizing we jumped from hundreds offline supporting us to thousands now. I can only see these numbers growing as long as the movement continues to modernize itself with the changed times and does so legally."—Kolonel

• "We have to do our best in denouncing and disassociating ourselves from the tired, over-used label of 'White supremacists'. I know I do. It must be made clear time and again that all we want is what every other race has. A homeland in the corner of the world for their own kind."—Steeltrump

• "How about something like 'White Unity'? I agree, 'white supremacist', or 'white power' are harsh labels for a lot of us. I certainly do not manifest those types of harsh labels, but I am very concerned about the present state of the U.S., and the decline of white race and culture as compared to black and latino cultures which are being forced upon us whether we want them or not.—Atremis133

End of news story...


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