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NSM to march on Capitol Nov. 8th: In todays news

NSM to March on the State Capitol in Jefferson City, Missouri on Nov. 8th.
Here are some exceprts from todays news. Several of us fielded radio interviews today, as well.
From komu news channel 8
Nazis to March at Capitol

JEFFERSON CITY - A controversial group plans to demonstrate around the capitol building in Jefferson City.

This is the same group of neo-Nazis that marched in downtown Columbia last year.

The Columbia Police Department recently denied permission for members of the National Socialist Movement to march in Columbia the weekend of the MU/Kansas State game. So, the group plans to demonstrate on city sidewalks.

After that, the group wants to take its message to the streets around the capitol for a full hour. The plan, awaiting Jefferson City police approval by the end of the month, calls for the group to march past the governor's mansion, then around the capitol. After circling the capitol grounds, the Nazis will pass by the Supreme Court building.

"Our job is just to make sure that we peacefully manage all of these different demonstrations that happen, we'll look at what happened last year and use that as an experience for this year, to make sure that its adequately manned," City Administrator Steve Rasmussen said. "Quite frankly, I don't anticipate any difficulty."

The National Socialist group came to Columbia last March. Columbia Police mobilized dozens of officers for crowd control. Seven people were arrested in the protest.

Reported by: Nick Guillory
Edited by: Stephanie Stouffer
Edited by: Robert Kessler

channel 17 (abc) tv

Neo-Nazis Plan to March in Jefferson City
The group has said it will march in Columbia the same day.

Story written by News Staff
Story posted on September 23, 2008

The Neo-Nazi group that has indicated it will march in Columbia Nov. 8 has applied for a permit to demostrate in Jefferson City on the same day.
Capt. Doug Shoemaker of the Jefferson City Police Department confirmed that members of the National Socialist Movement have applied for a parade permit. He said a decision on whether to approve the permit is likely by next week.
The Columbia Police Department already has denied a request for a similar permit, citing a security conflict with a scheduled University of Missouri football game Nov. 8.
NSM members have said they will demonstrate in Columbia regardless.
channel 8 (nbc) tv

Neo Nazis Change Focus To Capital

COLUMBIA - The National Socialist Group who announced they wanted to march in Columbia now wants to march in Jefferson City on the same day.
This is the same group that marched last year in March.
The police department denied their request citing the need for extra police presence due to the MU Football game against Kansas State. The group said it will rally on sidewalks regardless and not disturb traffic flow.
The Jefferson City Police Department said they will make a decision in coming weeks.
: Caroline Zilk
channel 13 (cbs) also did a story, but I could not find it on their website
kbia 91.7 (npr) National Public Radio

Possible Neo-Nazi March in Jefferson City

Alex Swoyer
COLUMBIA, MO (2008-09-23) The National Socialist Movement plans to march on the streets of downtown Columbia on November 8th. The Neo-Nazi group also wants to make an appearance the same day in Jefferson City. Jefferson City Police Captain Doug Shoemaker comments on the permit issued by the National Socialist Movement.
Well at this point the only thing we have received is an application for a parade permit from the NSM, and that parade permit will be reviewed and we expect an answer on that permit whether or not it will take place by the end of the month.
Captain Shoemaker says the Jefferson City Police Department will make further decisions on how to deal with the NSM if the permit is approved.

Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."
National Socialist Movement

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