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NSM to March in Missouri: on abc & nbc tv news

From ABC tv news:

Nazi's Want to Come Back to Columbia

Missouri Chapter of Neo-Nazis wants parade in Columbia.

Story written by Greg Dingrando
Story posted on September 2, 2008

Neo Nazi's may be coming back to Columbia, and it could affect some of the city's budget plans.

 The group known as the National Socialist Movement that marched through central Columbia in the spring of 2007 wants to come back for round two.

 It applied for a parade permit on Friday to march from Watson Place to the Boone County Courthouse on November 8th from noon to five.  That permit was denied because of a Mizzou football game that day, but the city says it has to allow them to come on a different day under the constitution.

 There were a lot of groans and people shaking there heads as the announcement was made Tuesday night.

 Last time only a dozen Nazi's showed and police say despite a few arrests and minor injuries the event went smoothly, but with the huge budget crunch the city is in right now preparing for round two may prove to be difficult.

 Last time officers in full riot gear helped to keep order; something police say wasn't easy.

Columbia Police Interim Chief Tom Dresner says "To be quite honest it's a real law enforcement head ache to put it as a huge understatement."

 Dresner says it's too early to say if they'll do anything differently this time but they do have time on their side.  Dresner says, "We're going to be looking at it very closely.  Despite the fact we still don't have a date we are already in the process of gearing up for it.

 But gearing up for it may hurt you.  To put more than 100 officers on the street last time it cost more than 40-thousand dollars; money the city just doesn't have this year.

 Mayor Darwin Hindman says, "The good things we really desire that are good for community may suffer because we are going to provide police protection."

 The other challenge for the city will be keeping hundreds of people from showing up to the march like last time.  Hindman says, "Its going to be important that we have police protection and that the community really rallies around and disappoints them as much as possible by having a positive alternate event somewhere else in the city.

 No date has been set yet for the march, and the exact route could also change.  Once that is in, the community and police will continue their efforts to prepare.

From NBC news: 

Nazis Return Request Denied

COLUMBIA - The Columbia Police Department denied the National Socialist Movement's request for a parade permit because of a scheduling conflict.

The group known for causing trouble in Mid-Missouri plans to visit Columbia again in November.

Captain Tom Dresner of the Columbia Police Department says the request falls on the same day as a home football game for MU. The requested parade route starts at Providence and Elm. The group wants to march east on Elm and north on Eighth Street to the Boone County Courthouse.

Dresner says the denied request won't deter the group from returning to Columbia.

"They have a couple of options open to them," Dresner said. "One is they could appeal the ruling and our determination of that date. The other one would be to come up with some other date that wouldn't have a football game at home."

When the group visited Columbia last March, the city paid $40,000 for overtime officers and extra equipment. Dresner believes the cost could stay the same.

Reported by: Mark Welsh
Edited by: Stephanie Stouffer
Edited by: Robert Kessler

Commander Jeff Schoep
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