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British Free Corps: National Socialist - Voice of the BFC - Issue 88

Issue 88 - 26th May 2008.

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."

House of Treason Reject to Cut limit in abortion!

The upper time limit for abortions will remain at 24 weeks after MPs voted against proposals to reduce it. They rejected options ranging from 12 to 22 weeks in a series of votes. Tory MP Nadine Dorries, a former nurse who proposed a 20-week limit, said a baby's rights should be considered at the point it had the "chance of life".

But pro-choice campaigners said there was no evidence of improved survival rates. The closest vote, on a 22-week limit, was defeated by 304 to 233.

Ms Dorries' proposal for a 20 week limit was defeated by 332 votes to 190. Health Minister Dawn Primarolo insisted there was no evidence requiring the abortion laws to be changed and said changing it would force the small number of women seeking late abortions to go elsewhere.

Source BBC News 21 May 2008

The British Free Corps position on this matter is that Abortion is Murder. Abortion is being marketed to white people and this is especially sickening when you think of the dwindling numbers of whites and that abortion surgeries are predominately owned by Jewish predators.

Abortion would be banned in a National Socialist Britain and our women and children would be protected. In addition, we will promote sensible attitudes towards sex, instead of the idea of using abortion as a form of contraception.


Irish Viking Trade Centre Unearthed.

One of the Vikings? most important trading centres has been discovered in Ireland. The settlement at Woodstown in County Waterford is estimated to be about 1,200 years old. It was discovered during archaeological excavations for a road by-pass for Waterford city, which was founded by the Vikings.

The Irish government said the settlement was one of the most important early Viking age trading centres discovered in the country. Its working group, which includes archaeologists from Ireland?s museum and monuments service, said it was of international significance and showed the community was wealthy and sought to remain at Woodstown permanently.

Almost 6,000 artefacts and a Viking Chieftain?s grave have been discovered at the site, which was established by the year 860. The grave contains a sword, shield and silver mark.

The working group report said the discoveries of silver and lead weights showed it was "apparent that Woodstown falls firmly into the Scandinavian tradition."

"There can be little doubt that many, if not all of the settlement's occupants were either Scandinavian, or had strong insular Scandinavian associations," it said.

"The Woodstown site provides a rare opportunity to study a Scandinavian settlement of this period outside Scandinavia itself."

Source BBC news 6th May 2008


Radio Station.

For some time now, our very successful radio station (Union Jack Radio) has had more and more requests. Whilst we try and keep up with popular demand, it is sometimes very hard to focus on any one subject, or give as many dedications as we would like, but if you have any requests or articles that you would like played on air please let the staff know and they will be only to pleased to deal with your request's.



As you are aware security at the British Free Corps is very tight and secure. Whilst some of you may think this is unfair, the majority of our members comment on how safe they feel with us. We thank you for your open comments and would like to reassure you all that our level of security will remain - this is for your own benefit!

Whilst other sites offer you the chance to look at anything in a short space of time - we do not; after all, we don't want a non poster looking into the larger full members forum now do we?

So if you are not yet a full BFC member, remember this, your £10.00 membership fee is for the forum and all that it offers you. It is also a lifetime membership to the BFC - its only the forum membership that is renewed yearly. So don't moan about security being tight, it is for your benefit!


About The BFC.

At this time we are a division of the much bigger NSM and we chose the name "British Free Corps" after a unit of the Waffen-SS consisting of British and Dominion prisoners of war who had been recruited by the Nazis in WW2. We promote Aryan Unity across the globe and our members are from many countries.

To join the British Free Corps send £10.00 cash or uncrossed postal order with an application form and a picture of yourself (not necessary if another member knows you) - this will be returned with your membership card which will only carry a membership number - not your name or picture.


Benefits include:-

* One year's membership to the British Free Corps.

* Access to the large BFC forum (non members can still access a smaller forum for a limited period).

* Meeting up with other like minded members for various activities.

* Full access to the radio station and future media and we encourage all full members to get involved.

* Full access to the BFC shop.

* Free leaflet downloads.

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