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This new political way is better than any other

Dear Sir/Maddam,

Please take the time to read the Righteous Power Party document attached. This document proposes the implementation of a far more superior and more powerful political system than any the world has ever seen, correcting every wrong in society and allowing righteous freedom only. Correcting the unfair distribution of global wealth, multiplying every national average wage, implementing revolutionary policies for the working life when economy is unified, preventing the natural economic decline that causes recessions due to the majority of economic wealth leaving economy into the hands of a minority of individuals, saving lives and drastically improving the quality of every human life, tackling and solving every global problem, funding every charitable cause to completion, preventing crime completely and ridding the world of every injustice and every evil, implementing policies for global peace and security, creating a perfect unified world economy with many surprising positives and rising the wealth of the nations and of the people who reside within to their full potential. This all done with the funding and power of global economy serving the people the most that it can, rightfully and legally owned and controlled by a people-representing world government. The illegality of modern disassociated and weak economic ownership is shown with analysis of the origin of modern ownership of all lands, resources and businesses originating from a previous false royal claim of ownership of all lands being granted by God. This taking resources and lands that were shared by our distant ancestors serving all the local people under public ownership and claiming them by royalty. Ages later royal greed sold off and handed out (for favour) their economic wealth to individuals, shaping the modern age. The universal policing laws on receipt of illegal property will apply and public ownership will be enacted in law. Ownership by the people is the rightful, natural and true ownership of economy and will be restored if righteousness is victorious. Third world debt can also be cancelled in light of these facts when considering the original loans that caused the debt originated from the false ownership of illegally claimed royal wealth through God. There is a confidence that every person will convert to and support this new political system if knowledgeable about it. The Righteous Power Party invites every life aware to become activists to rise the nations into Righteous Power Party nations enriching and saving the world. If you would like to contact me to coordinated Righteous Power Party activities, to show your support or to make financial contributions for the establishment of Righteous Power Parties; email me at: Thank you, Stephen Smith, Dublin, Ireland.

Attachment: The Righteous Power Party document.doc
Description: MS-Word document

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