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Re: FW: Matt Kennard

Thanks William, look forward to hearing something.

On 21/03/2008, William Herring <> wrote:
> Matt- here is the e-mail I just sent our Commander. You seem to be a
> genuinely decent man Sir.  A true Aryan always repays respect with respect,
> and so I gaurantee you that your request will be honored. In defense of the
> NSM, we are in a state of transition and re-structuring at the moment. Your
> e-mails and questions were not ignored, but simply 'lost in the shuffle' as
> the saying goes. We do not 'ignore' sincere individuals who are only seeking
> information. You are a good man and we would be happy to speak with you at
> our National meeting on April 19th. Again, I personally apologize for the
> delays in honoring your small request. 6 months ago, this would not have
> happened, but as with every group of individuals, things evolve and change
> for the better. We are growing at an exponential rate and it is often hard
> to keep everything updated. Thank you for your patience.
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> From:
> To:
> Subject: Matt Kennard
> Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 18:53:32 -0400
> Sir- Hate to be a pain in the ass about this, but Mr. Kennard has been very
> polite and patient and it seems as though the NSM has not taken even a
> moment to at least deny his request or respond to him at all. . . Mr.
> Kennard has stated that he will be coming to DC for our rally and Sgt.
> Connelly has suggested that we give Kennard an interview there. I feel that
> this is a situation of tremendous potential to bring our true message to the
> liberal college Mr. Kennard attends. This is a rather rare opportunity to be
> heard without the jewish filters altering our words. I do believe that Mr.
> Kennard is sincere and and has no ulterior motives; he is simply a curious
> college student who is trying to find facts and information about what we
> truly stand for and how we view the war in Iraq.
> I do not wish to overstep my rank Commander, but I would strongly suggest
> that the NSM seriously look into this man's request and give him the most
> straightforward and honest answers we can. Is this not what we are
> doing..... trying to reach the public with honesty and sincerity? The
> benfits of this are without measure, in my opinion.
>            Sincerely,
>            SS Probate William Herring
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