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RE: I could not agree more

       I do think that the assault rifle approach would surely get attention, just not the right kind. Another major issue facing your organization as well as other similar groups, is the strong dislike of what they general public "think" you represent. For instance, the public has a very strong negative view of white robes and hoods, swastikas, etc. Those were some of the primary tools of some of history's "less favored" moments to most. I wonder what would happen, if a group were to try a different approach. Same beliefs, different methods. Instead of SA uniforms that so many associate with the Nazi's from WWII (we both know how popular they are to the majority), maybe a new uniform designed by a new modern generation of Aryans. Instead of carrying the Swastika flag, maybe design a new symbol that so many don't already know and hate. That wouldn't be hard either, Hitler didn't design the swastika after all. It's been a sign of happiness on Buddhist temples in Asia for centuries. Instead of saying "Niggers" at rallies, maybe just "blacks". Not that I don't call them niggers because that’s what they are, but that causes an uproar with the many liberals that unfortunately are in positions of power. People do not hear the actual message then, they just think here are a bunch of ignorant white trash up here waving flags and yelling. I'm just wondering if we presented ourselves to the public in a different manner, would we see more support and better results. I have thought a lot about this, and feel that you have as well from you saying "To effect change, one must use their intellect and strategy to win this war." 

      We need to first change the way we are viewed by the people we are trying to reach. Then we need to show actual facts and statistics instead of the typical negative commentary that goes nowhere. We need the people to see that the Niggers are NOT equal. They are by nature, savages, criminals that think everything should be handed to them. Our prison, crime, drug, etc. statistics show this information. The blacks like to call it stereotyping, or singling them out. Then they use the race card that our weak government and judicial system caters to their constant complaining from fear of lawsuits. Now given back sixty years ago, in this very country, the blacks kept to themselves. It was rare to hear of blacks rioting, attacking a white woman, or committing crimes against whites in general. That's because we had segregation. The black had their place and we had ours and the two did not mix. The crime was mostly in the ghetto's and slums amongst the blacks themselves. They knew that if they crossed the line, they would have to answer for what they done. Nobody to complain to and get off free of any responsibility or punishment, and the crime was usually quickly followed with a whipping or hanging. We had strict and swift punishment then, and they stayed inline. The government screwed up when they gave them new freedom. They gave an inch, the blacks took a mile. They have started reverting back to their primitive ways and causing chaos in our society. Instead of the warring tribes of Africa, we have street gangs at war. They are a lesser species of the human race. There are so many highly qualified white men in our

nation's workforce passed up for promotions or a job at all because they have to allow so many blacks to work there and so many blacks must be advanced to better jobs even though their skills, education, and qualification are inferior to their white counterparts. I do have a personal opinion of colored people though. I have worked with "Black People", and I have worked with "Niggers"! I think some blacks have started to evolve into a more civilized society. These are they ones that are not living on the taxpayer's dollar. They usually live outside the slums and ghettos, work everyday, stay out of trouble, finish school, raise their children in a civilized manner, etc. I have a degree of respect for them. If they work for what they have the same way that I do, then I have no problem with the man. The niggers on the other hand, are the ones that try and get out of as much work as they can pass on to their co-workers. Just their to draw a paycheck, usually the employer gets fed up and can't fire or discipline the nigger because he'll be sued for discrimination. Now, that's just the niggers just have jobs. The ones too stupid to go into illegal business. Such as drug dealing or theft rings. You may or may not agree with me on that. That's just my opinion though. I've ranted on long enough in this email. I hope you'll agree with me on most of it. I'm twenty seven years old, but I'd love to be able to see a change in my lifetime. For our future generation's sake anyway!



Subject: I could not agree more
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 19:50:17 -0400

Comrade- We are facing these issues with every march and rally we sponser. It is definitely an uphill battle, but we are taking steps and putting forth measures to deal with these very issues. We don't march in uniform for fun.... And, we are also planning to run candidates in several local and state elections in the very near future. You are absolutely right of course. We must be legally elected into respected positions of authority to effect positive change. Believe me friend, we know all too well what must be done, and we are working on this overtime.
It pleases me so much to see a white man with the proper attitudes and ideas. We recieve so many e-mails from kooks and crazies wanting to whip out assault rifles and start killing. Tempting(HA!), but what an idiodic attitude. To effect change, one must use their intellect and strategy to win this war. Intelligence and cunning are the hallmarks and the legacy of the Aryan people. It is what has allowed us to survive and to thrive. Take heart comrade. Thousands of dedicated and intelligent Aryans are on top of this, and we will not let our kinsmen down. 88!
                                                                                       NSM Staff Corps

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