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For the last two years I have regularly worked behind the scenes
of the NSM; guiding And directing Commander Jeff Schoep for
the greater good of the party.

Recent events have demonstrated the need for drastic action.

I have been forced to step up and assume command of the
National Socialist Movement. Jeff Schoep will remain in charge
Of NSM records but henceforth, I and I alone will speak
solely for America's Nazi Party.

It is most unfortunate that I have must return from
retirement to assume these duties. However,
I shall not refuse the call of action in our time of the need.

The party is being assailed by hordes of Xians who want
To convert our grand Reich into some filthy Christian Identity organization.

These kind of attacks will be allowed, all Xians are the enemy.
For more information about the vile Christian plague
infecting society visit my Joy Of Satan Website:

All Praise  the Hairy Horned God from Hell!

NSM Chairman/Commander Clifford Herrington



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