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Re: Ramm is going to far

Yes, I am aware of this treasonous pig and what he is doing. It has the Mother of my kids very upset and not sleeping due to worry. We have been targetted in the past, so we know what Ramm is trying to do. If any shit goes down here I just pray that I am home, for it will be handled then.
Ass Ramms list of former NSM members is ful of lies, a bunch of those people are still current members, some of the names (lots of them) are not even real people, and some of the names are accurate of some that quit or were thrown out. Its just more of his sillyness, he is alsoing send out e-mails impersonating me, and our Former Chairman Herrington.
Speaking of Ramm, I should send you the e-mail where he says he would not care if my children or parents got put in the Hospital because of his posting, yeah I saved that e-mail too, just like the one where he said he wanted nukeisrael to go to the ADL. He is now safely in the enemy camp, he is no NS to target women and children, and my elderly Parents, the sick bastard.
I appreciate your zeal Brother, but we will have alot more than 4 of us marching in DC, this week alone we processed 6 new members in 6 days, they Party is growing despite the drama queens and naysayers. There should be a small army of us in DC. 88 Commander Schoep

On 12/1/07, William Herring <> wrote:
I am an information hound, so in the interest of keeping abreast of what is going on, I periodically check antis and former members sites. On Ass-Ramms new site he has posted your home address along with an arial map of your place. Also, your phone number and other personal information. I am sure you are almost certainly aware of this, but by posting your personal information, this is now a security issue concerning the safety of yourself and your children.
Once again sir, you have my complete loyalty, although I still have much to prove. The NSM is my home now and I will do all that I can to be a part of something noble for once in my life. Even if that list he published is accurate and all of those members have quit- who cares? Fuck em I say. There are about 180,000,000 white people in America. Thats a lot to work with....
As for Mathew Ramsey- whatever validity I once thought his claims had are gone. Whatever personal beef he may have had with the NSM, you don't publish the address and show photos of a man's home where there are 6 CHILDREN! What a fucking scumbag. Excuse my language Sir, but this has me more than a little pissed off. How many niggers or jews would love to launch a molotov through your window? And this prick makes it personal and involves YOUR FAMILY? Christ even the goddamn Mafia has a "hands off" policy when it comes to women and children....
In closing Commander, no matter what happens with this organization, no matter if its down to you, me, Colonel Bishop and Charles Wilson marching alone in DC, I will be there and I will always be ready to stand at your side. Fuck the weak, selfish and cowardly! We can and we will achieve victory, of that I am certain. Be safe sir.
                                                                           ST First Class William Herring
                                                                            NSM North Dakota

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Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."  
National Socialist Movement

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