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Re: Thank you Sir.

ST. 1st Class Herring,
NS greetings again, and no I am not angry or offended. In fact I am pleased to hear that your resolve in the Party is solidified, thats exactly the attitude we need to move forward. There is so much work to be done, it is difficult at times to even know where to start (ha ha).
Again, it is good to hear that you are not letting these drama queens bring you down, I often wonder if they realize how they serve the enemy with their bs? Oh well, thats on their conscience not mine. 88 Commander Schoep

On 11/24/07, William Herring <> wrote:
I hope that my e-mail did not piss you off or doubt my sincerity. It was something I had to do to make sure that everything was on the level. You responded exactly the way a man telling the truth would have. You did not try and explain anything, you just stated that you were being honest and there was nothing more to say. That is precisely the response I was looking for. I never really doubted you Commander, but with all of the rumors and bs flying around, I had to be sure.
You see, as I said, I am ready and willing to spend the rest of my life serving you and the NSM. For a committment of that magnitude, I had to be sure that there was not the slightest doubt in my heart. I am sincerely sorry if you were offended in any way. I in no way was attempting to be insubordinate. I only wanted to prove to myself what I already knew about you. There is not much superficialality with you Sir. And your response proved that to me. There was no argument, no rhetoric, no bullshit, just honesty, take or leave it. That is exactly how a leader should respond to those who question his integrity. Your reply actually was a relief. As I said, I am a hard person to bullshit. I am an excellent judge of character and one would have to really try to lie to me and convince me. In other words, if some one were to actually pull one over on me, they probably deserve the Academy Award.
I don't wish to waste any more of your time Commander, so I will cut this short. I will never broach this subject again as you have proven yourself to me, and there is no question in my mind of your sincerity or your ability to lead us to victory. I will remain loyal to you and to the NSM until victory or Valhalla. I do hope that I have not angered you by my actions, but it was necessary, as the NSM has just earned itself a lifetime member.
                                                                              ST First Class William Herring
                                                                               NSM North Dakota

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Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."  
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