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NSM News + Radio/tv updates

NSM News: New Website & New Radio and Video on-line now!!!

NSM Radio/tv news: The NSM Radio and TV team sent one of our own Reporters into the anti-racist section (the anti's did not know he was one of us), and then later into the NSM Rally support section on the other side of the Highway. The first on-line video we have released is clips from a unique perspective, what the outside spectators see. 2 new video's linked up now for NSM/TV at  Not to be out-done NSM Radio has also posted new shows:

(9/6/07) The first short taste of the Omaha Rally. Speakers: Cmdr Schoep, Col. Bishop, Capt. Jim Ludacka & David Pringle. More will be uploaded as it is produced. From NSM News. (NOTE: At this rally a bullhorn rather than an amplifier was used, sound quality reflect this).

In todays NSM news: NSM Alabama has just unvelied their new website. Check it out at

NSM Mainsite  has an awesome Music video clip from Total War and the lighting of 2 swastika's. Also some Rally/News footage video that is nice.

Check out the Photo gallerys at:  &

We are not finished yet, there is more video, pictures, and audio still being worked on from Omaha. Hail Victory! Commander Schoep/ NSM HQ




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