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NSM: Omaha Rally/Concert Report: Huge double Swastika Lighting

Rock Against Immigration Part 2: Shuts down Downtown Omaha

The NSM and a handfull of allied supporters first assembled around 12 Noon to prepare for our Protest against the Mexican Consulate in Downtown Omaha. As with most major Protests, the City required permits for the Rally. In usual fashion we requested no Police assistance, however the City required the Police to be on hand to keep the anti-racists safe. The Police Dept was dressed in full head to toe body armor for the event. We were lectured by the Police before the event in the Omaha Civic Auditorium about not attacking the Consulate and or provoking violence. During that lecture I wondered why the anti-racists who are known to cause riots, attack Police horses, and fling bricks, feces, or whatever they can grab were not getting lectured rather than us?

Approximately 60 NSM members, along with dozens of supporters then left the auditorium and soon arrived at the Mexican Consulate. We were amazed to see U.S. Federal Agents standing guard in front of the Mexican Consulate and on its roof! Yes, you heard that correctly U.S. Federal Agents were guarding the Mexican Consulate! Apparently, they may have been convinced that we would attack the building. The anti-racists assembled were very weak and timid, an almost laughable farce. A gaggle of negro's, anti-racist filth, homosexuals, and jews assembled against us, the usual suspects. On our side stood men and women of valor, courage, and determination. Speakers present were Col. Bishop/NSM, Capt. Jim Ludacka/NSM, Cmdr. Schoep, plus many other NSM speakers, and special guest speakers JT Ready/Arizona Republican activist, and White Nationalist David Pringle/White Wire. Every single speaker delivered a hail storm of truth upon all in attendance. On the opposite side of Dodge street was a seperate section were Pro-White supporters from the area, not already with the main group could gather to listen to the message of National Socialism and how it can benefit the American Citizen. We were pleased to see many White faces there, and we had a chance to meet a bunch of them afterwards, and many made it to our after Rally event also.

The Post Rally event: Celebration, BBQ, games, swastika lightings, and Concert!!!

After the Rally we passed out directions to our Comrades private Farm nearby in Iowa. A big Salute to NSM/Iowa Drew B. and Family for hosting the event, and all the local Iowa supporters that came out to assist. The secluded Property was ideal for all the campers/tenters that enjoyed the stay, and it was no place for any anti-racist filth to be poking around at, 100% White and a safe place for all the children to have a great time too.

When we pulled in to the property there was already a big line-up of grills going and a couple of men (Jimbo, and one or 2 of the Iowa guys) were busy with a huge line-up of burgers for everyone coming back from the Rally. Already soaking in fuel on the ground were 2 massive swastika's assembled by NSM Iowa, NSM North Dakota, and perhaps some more volunteers. It took many men and ropes to pull the swastika's up and place them into the ground. (Believe it or not there is a bit of an art to these lightings, and you either do it the right way, or look like idiots doing it the wrong way). It was perfect, more on that coming up.

Then came the games, a Hammer Toss was enjoyed by both the men and women. The Viking Spirit prevailed as Capt. Ludacka and a few other men taunted various Comrades into giving it their best shot, several Comrades were nearly crushed before dodging the hammer, and one mini-van almost became a victim of some wild tossing.

The stage was ready and the bands began to set up. First up was our friends from Minnesota "They Live", these guys did a great set and really got the night fired up. They do their own original music, some Misfits covers, and also did a Rahowa cover. This up and coming band gave out free cds, t-shirts, and really set the pace for the night. After "They Live", a special guest in the form of the Norse God "Odin" appeared with an inspirational special message for the Folk. Then onto the stage explodes Total War! Total War is an explosive Hate-core band that really got the crowd pumped up and moshing. Dan Carlson the vocalist spoke to the crowd about being active in the cause in the streets, and not just being a scene poseur. That message is always well recieved at NSM events were we don't just talk about action, we just returned from the action.

Then, just when everyone thought the show was over, Col. Bishop walked up to the microphone and explained what the swastika means to us as a Folk, and why we light it. Then the torch bearers came forth and lit up the night sky with the giant swastika's. On cue Total War cranked out 4 more songs, and torched an israeli & Mexican flag as the flames whipped up into the sky. The band then asked me to come up on stage, to sing the song Bang Bang by the Midtown Bootboys with Total War, that was fun. After that 3 German guys came up to sing the Horst Wessel Song in German.

Then came the bonfire, it was a big one, perhaps even taller than the swastika's, that topped off the night.

Notable mentions go out to the new NSM Arizona unit or was it NSM Kansas for having the most guys in attendance from a single NSM chapter (that might have been a tie). NSM Michigan for the longest trips with no sleep (again). NSM Iowa for hosting. NSM WI., KS., and IL. for the after event clean-up. All the workers on Security, NSM Records store, building crew, film crew, camera crew, clean-up, cooks, hosts, and the drivers. Also thank you to the non-NSM troops that came out and pitched in too, you all are appreciated.

There was so much more, and so many more people that deserve mention, like Jim Ramm on the videocamera, Big Charles for keeping the Police on their toes, Angela from NSM ND. for being the strongest person of the day 9 months pregnant and refusing to give up her place on the frontlines. The Oldtimers a few of these guys are in their 60's, & 70's, and one local Comrade at the Rally I believe was nearly 80 years old and still refusing to back down from the illegal invaders.

Whenever I think about our Old Fighters, the Women, and sometimes even the children that stand with us, I often wonder to myself, and sometimes out-loud where in the heck all the armchair warriors are? No one is going to swoop down out of the sky and win this fight against the illegals for us, and change is never gained by talking about the problem, or bragging about the good old days like some loser that sits in the bar on Friday night and brings up the same old boring fight story from 10 years ago. The fight is now, and one must either be part of the solution, or they are part of the problem. Join us in this fight today. See you on the frontlines. Hail Victory! Commander Schoep/ National Socialist Movement 



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