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German NSM Records band Gojm, music/instruments seized by Zog!

NSM News Release:

German Government Hate's Free Speech, persecutes White Musicians & Activists:

I was just informed that one of the new German bands on the NSM Record Label had 4 of their recorded songs for their upcoming cd release on NSM Records, and their instruments seized by the German Government. The name of the band is Gojm, or Goyim in English (Goyim is a jewish word for Gentiles meaning Human Cattle).

What the German Zog does not know is that the 4 tracks they seized were the bonus tracks for the album, the other 8 songs, 39 minutes of music was already recorded and has already left Germany to be released here by NSM Records in the United States. The band has not been arrested, but as they put it, their songs and instruments were arrested.

We will release the forbidden/verboten cd with the 8 tracks that made it out of Germany, and if the other tracks are ever returned we may make them available on-line as free mp3's, or use them on a future release.

Here in the U.S. we still have the right to Freedom of speech, and musical freedom to play whatever kind of music we want. In Nations like Germany, a cd, questioning the Holohoax, a song, a Politically incorrect newspaper, or even a Salute can get you thrown in jail.

The German Government crackdown on musicians/bands such as musical greats like Landser, and countless other National Socialists activists, including the thousands of Political Prisoners in German jails rotting away for speaking words of truth and Patriotism, should light a fire under all of us to do even more in the Worldwide struggle for National Socialism.

I will end this NSM News Release with a message to the German Government: Your Tyranny against your own Citizens has not gone unnoticed by the International Community, nor the thousands of our Comrades you jail for thought and speech crimes. You are breeding a Revolution, a Revolution that is just about ready to snap and breakout into your streets, especially in the East. We National Socialists here in the U.S., and our International Allies will continue to do our part to support those you persecute.

Hail the Revolution, it is Coming! Commander Jeff Schoep/ National Socialist Movement 


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