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NSM West Coast Rolling Forward

NSM West Coast Rolling Forward like a Freight Train:

NSM Leaders have picked up the pace in West Coast activism. Inspired by the Midwest activism, strength in the South, and East Coast. The Western NSM Chapters have stepped up their efforts.

NSM Las Vegas recently held a Mexican Flag burning Protest (in uniform) in front of a Mexican strip mall in Vegas, pictures coming soon at  New contacts/membership being requested in Nevada has been the result.

NSM Northwest just held a meeting in Portland, Oregon today. Approx. 2 dozen members and guests attended, pictures up now at

NSM Arizona a newer addition to the NSM Family has been picking up a lot of steam. The veteran Leadership has been all over the State meeting current members, signing up new ones, and networking has begun in preperation for the possibility of a second NSM chapter in the State in upcoming months.

Each of the West Coast Chapters listed above has already committed to sending troops into Omaha for the Rally on Sept. 1st against illegal immigration at the Mexican Consulate.

Other States that have committed members to attend the Omaha Rally: North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, Texas, California, Oklahoma, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, South Carolina, New York, there are probably more, add to my list here:_________

Get the carpools organized and mobilized!

After the Omaha Rally there will be Live Music, a bbq, camping, and a double swastika lighting on private property.

Support Party Projects: Support the White Peoples Candidate John Taylor Bowles:

Salute's to the West Coast NSM, and Salutes to the Frontline Fighters of NSM Michigan and Ohio who battled the Reds in the streets of Kalamazoo yesterday.

See here:

NSM Clashes with Anti-racist scum!!!

NSM members from Michigan and Ohio clash with anti-racist filth, and then comes the Police Horses!! These guys are frontline fighters who don't just sit around and talk White Power, or sit around drinking beer talking about the good ole days, they are activists in every sense of the word. Good work NSM Michigan, NSM Ohio, and to those who participated in Kalamazoo. Hail Victory! Commander Schoep/ 

Watch the media clips below:  

Other NSM Backed Projects:

Social Networking Site for all White Racially aware Folk (like myspace, but without the anti-White hatred):

NSM Radio/TV 

NSM Records for all the latest music, clothing, books, gear, etc. 




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