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RE: Aryan unity

What you are saying makes sense to me and it doesnt scare me off.  I am heading out of town with my girlfriend in the morning so I will call you and we can meet when I get back next week.  
White Power! 

Subject: Aryan unity
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 04:04:47 -0400

Brother-I am very pleased that you responded to my e-mail. I refuse to recruit anyone who I do not feel is utterly committed to our ultimate victory. My work schedule does not change, and so I am available any  Sunday, all day. Also, I am free Monday and Tuesday afternoons, from 5pm till 1am. On Saturdays, I work all day, (9-11 hours), but can be reached in the later evening, after 10pm. The house phone is 235-5004 and the cell phone is 261-7956. My friend, my girlfriend and I are the only representatives of the NSM and the movement in this area, and we need all the white patriots we can get. I feel that this area is perfect for our ideology and doctrines. It has fallen upon my shoulders to build an NSM unit in this area, and I plan on fullfilling my responsibility. From the e-mails you have sent me, you seem to be committed and enthusiastic, I would love to meet with you and enlist you and your woman. We are not fighting for some vague political cause, we are fighting for the continued existence our people. Do you have the balls to step up to the plate and do what you know is right? Would you put on the Brownshirt and armband and march in public in support of your beliefs? I don't wish to alarm you or scare you off, but at all of our rallys there are hundreds of people who would love to see you hung from the nearest lightpole. How deeply do you believe? If you look deep within yourself, you will find the core of steel that is inside every Aryan, no matter how cowardly they are. Our Race is on the brink of extinction; want to be a part of history and change that? If you care to rise to the challenge and join our ranks, I will be proud to call you  Brother, and I will stand beside you to the very gates of Hell. However, if you are not prepared to give your greatest effort, and to give everything inside of yourself, then we have no need of you. Go back to your Big Macs and your HBO and MTV and your endless wasted hours watching "American Idol". You can sit back in comfort and watch the world crumble into decadence and insanity as you stuff Twinkies into your fat American face, and when the end comes, you will die like the consumer cattle you truly are. But you don't seem like that to me. You appear to be a commited patriot. If you are, call me, and we will change the world! In the words Of James Doolittle, victory belongs to those who want it the most. How badly do you want it? Don't bullshit yourself, how badly do you want it? Heil Hitler!

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