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The Wolf Of The Wolf

The Wolf Of The Wolf
The meaning and purpose of life!
Or the Philosophy of the Wolf part 5
By Hardy Lloyd
(written on 16th of April, 90fe)
I am born to kill, judge and condemn
I am born to win, slay and maim 'em
I am born to live, fight for glory
I am born to die
Kill... win... live... die...
Kill by any means necessary
Win by any means necessary
Live by any means necessary
Die by any means necessary
Those lyrics from HammerFall’s song, “Any Means Necessary”, encapsulate the soul of the Wolf ideology! The WOLF is an Aryan who lives life, who kills all who do not embrace the ideology of the Wolf, who uses whatever tactics to win, and who dies on his feet a free warrior! We of the WOLF shall reclaim this planet for our brethren alone and for all time by bringing chaos and barbarity and destruction to all before us! We shall destroy civilization, law, and order, as we create a brave new world out of the dead corpse of the modern age, and a new WOLF age shall then rule the world for all time!
We care nothing for the white race! We care nothing for civilization! We care nothing for peace! We care nothing for the old world! We are the cleansers of the usurpers of our Aryan souls! We are Aryan Wolves and we are here to kill off that which is weakness, the white race and all of their ideologies and beliefs! The WOLF shall be the holy creed of our people once more, and all shall fall in bloody death before our terror!
Born on the planet Thule, 800 light years away in the constellation of Orion, colonizing Mars and then the Earth, we were great Aryans once! We built the Pyramids in Mexico and Egypt some 10,000 years before the birth of Benito Mussolini to show us where we had come from. We were two meters tall, with light hair and blue eyes, and we lived by the code of kill or be killed! But then we embraced civilization, and began to create States and governments and societies… And we fell to the weakness of normalcy and goodness! And our people began to rebel against our animal instincts, and some in fact created half-breeds and lesser races. And we fell from being Aryan unto being white and European!
Our purpose in life is to build a land of chaos, brought forth from the Abyss within our soul, as we bring destruction and death! For chaos is the holy instrument of the Aryan will, and death the great regenerator of our people!
The white race must be purged from the world so that those of us who are of the 1% of 1%, the elites of the animal world, can become Aryan once more through pain, suffering and death! The white man is weakness brought forth by devolution of the Aryan race that we were once before.. And it is up to those of us of the radical few to exterminate this lesser vermin!
We must replace the weakness by the sword and the gun! We must bath the world in a fire of pain and suffering: both for our enemies and for our selves! We must embrace that radical, hateful, evil animal instinct within the depths of our soul and unleash a cyclone of death and destruction upon the world and plunge it into anarchy and chaos, and out of this chaos we shall give birth to a new world! A world of the WOLF. A world of barbarian hordes. A world of true life. Damn enlightenment! Damn civilization! Damn conscience! Damn meekness and civility! Damn that which is not born in the fires of Hell’s hatred!
We are free, we of the WOLF! Free from society, free from compassion, free from a higher purpose in life, and free from just being alive! We live life with passion and hate and love and anger! We use who we want to, take what we want, give unto those not like us fear through terrorism, and we do what we will! We are free to be alive and to live that life with reckless abandon! WE ARE FREE!!
For us, the ends always justify the means! For us, might is right! For us, the strong rule the weak! For us, Men are men, and women are women! For us, men shall live and die by the sword, taking as many wives as they want to and using them to breed the race up! Killing all born or found that are of weakness!
We have no laws or courts or rules! We are no leaders or countries! Our only law is the WOLF, and our only principle is kill the weak so the strong survive!
We are many ages and spirits inside of one! The blood of our people, and of their genetic memory, lives within each of us!
We do as we will! Rape, murder, pillage, steal, and live by the code of the Wild West and the Pirate ship and the Viking raid!
The only way we can win and take back our world is to kill off the lesser white race, and then plunge the world into anarchy and chaos so that the governments and armies of our enemies become useless to them! Once we have wiped away law and order then we can cull the weak from our heard and build anew! Mass death and terror will win the war for us! And the willingness to kill all, and more importantly, to die for the cause shall set our souls and our race free from weakness and slavery!
We care nothing for family relations, only the philosophy of the WOLF and those who live that philosophy! We care nothing for white racial loyalty, only for the WOLF and the Aryan born of the WOLF! We care nothing for any white power ideology, only for the WOLF and his men! We care not for recruitment, for true Aryans are born! We care nothing for debates with non Wolves, for we are always right, even when we are wrong, because we are never wrong! We care nothing for civility nor for civilization, for those are weakness!
We know that the wind is a product of Nature, and not by some imaginary spook! We know that religion is for the weak! We know that democracy is for fools! We know that too much ideology is harmful and a waste of time! We know who we are! We do not need volume after volume of text to teach us that the only law of Nature is to be born, to live, to breed up, to kill the weak, and to die…!
Conflict is a natural state for life, and we embrace it! We embrace rock music and partying and drinking and smoking and whatever the fuck else we want to do! Life is to be lived! Do what thy will!
Just remember this :
Fuck what you want to fuck, just breed up! Kill white people, but remember that the end goal also calls for you to kill ALL races save the Aryan few! Be strong and fanatical! Fear is weakness! Life without death is no life at all! And always remember that might makes right!!

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