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Lone Wolf Scoring

Lone Wolf Scoring

A guide for Lone Wolves

By Hardy Lloyd

(written on 6th of April, 90fe)


This ain't no Louise Beam essay of a Klansman, no fucking way! This is the list of a true Lone Wolf...!
This is from highest score to lowest...
Dying as a suicide bomber : VALHALLA!!
Setting off a Dirty bomb or a Nuclear bomb within a major US city that results in the deaths of at least 100,000 people : 1,000,000 points each city!!
Blowing-up a Policeman's Ball - 5,000 points if more than 150 cops die!!
Blowing-up a federal building, a Court House, an Army base, or a police station : 1,000 points each time; double if there are at least 50 people dead, triple for at least 100 dead!!
Blowing-up a fuel depot or an oil refinery : 500 points each!
Blowing-up a Day-Care Centre or a school : 500 points each one!
Blowing-up a Hospital : 500 points each one!
Poisoning a cities water supply, or a food plant : 100 points when at least 25 people die, triple if 100 or more die!
Cops, Informants and rats : 100 points each!
Blowing-up a Gas station : 50 points for every three within the same city within the same week, triple for three within the same block on the same day!
Poisoning a supermarket (NOT a farmers market) : 50 points when at least 10-15 people die! TIP - Make sure ya work there first! ;)
FBI agents : 20 points each
Military personal : 15 points each
CEO's, Judges, Politicians, Rabbis and Bankers : 10 points each
All non-FBI federal agents : 5 points each
Whites who are not WOLVES : 3 points each
JEWS (non Rabbi) : 1 point each
Muds and light skinned Negros : 1/2 (half) a point each
Dark skinned negros : 1/10 a point each

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