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"My Short Autobiography" by Hardy Lloyd

My Short Autobiography

By Hardy Lloyd

(Written on 10th of March, 90fe)


Born in the Caribbean, raised throughout the northern half of the Americas. I’ve lived in New England, Utah, and Pittsburgh. I’ve given speeches in Mexico to crowds of Mestizos; I’ve talked to the black underground of the ghetto. I was a high ranking leader within the White Power Movement for 10 years. And I beat the americans in court after I murdered one of their informants. I am the author of the “Wotanist Bible”, and the founder of the WOLF Philosophy. I am Hardy Lloyd; writer, philosophy, revolutionary, and terrorist!


I am writing this because there are a plethora of lies being spread about me and my wife online…


I first became racially aware, by myself, when I was 8 years old. No teacher, not internet, only my thoughts and Nature in the backyard! I came from a rich family. But unlike most rich Whites I turned to Fascism and Racism instead of CONservativism or liberalism.


I joined the White Power Movement in 1996ce, and founded the New Dawn (originally called “The Order of National-Socialism”) in 1999. The New Dawn was a multi-racial, Third Position think-tank designed to spread the Third Way to North America. Through the New Dawn, and contacts I made in jail, I was able to set up speeches and talks to various races inside of Mexico, the United States and Canada… In 2008 and again in 2009 I gave a total of twelve speeches to Mexicans inside Mexico on Fascism and racial separation. I stepped down as Chairman of the New Dawn in February of 2009 in order to dedicate my life to my WOLF philosophy, and so I can spend more time with my wife.


In 2001 I joined Matt Hale’s “World Church of the Creator” and quickly rose to become an ordained Minister and leader within the Creativity movement. After Matt’s arrest and the downfall of the WCOTC/TCM my congregation voted to form our own church, which we called the “Church of Creativity” in 2003. In September of 2007 I officially left the religious teachings of Creativity for a strictly Third Positionist role within the New Dawn.


In early 2004, I forget when, a woman joined my church. She aided us in printing up fliers, in posting them. She would help us on our picnics. And she helped the american Federal Bureau of Investigation spy on me and my Comrades. Lori Hann is enough of a reason why EVERYONE who runs a group should force all newcomers to take lie-detector tests!! An employee of the Pentagon, the american Military Headquarters, Lori was hired to keep detailed reports on myself and all racists in Pittsburgh. This highly unstable, and quite insane fruitcake then tried to murder my wife and myself. I am the better shot. And after killing this informant cunt the filthy americans held me in jail for two and a half years awaiting trial! Well, I beat the bastards at their own game! I won!!


My wife, Lisa, who I had met through a chartroom on weekend parties in Pittsburgh in July of 2004, is the love of my life! We met, fell in love, and in three weeks got married on August 1st. She makes me very happy, and very fat with good Italian cooking!! I cannot imagine living without her! Only my dedication to race supersedes our love.


By late November of 2008ce I realized that all ideologies and tactics for White Racial Freedom were false! It became so painfully clear that what was needed was an attitude of barbaric insanity, of total war if we are to win this thing! And so on December 7th, 2008, I wrote an essay to proclaim my new philosophy, the Philosophy of the WOLF! The Wolf philosophy is simple:


A) True Aryans are born, never recruited!
B) 99% of the White race are sheep, including the Racially aware ones!
C) Only 1% of the White race are the Wolf!
D) The Wolves need to kill off the sheep until that 1% becomes 100%!
E) We must fight as terrorists: The ends always justify the means!
F) That the WOLF ideology comes before all, even race!

G) Read and live "Might is Right"!

H) We must create anarchy and chaos until the world turns upside down!

I) Once the chaos has wiped away the System, then we can cull the weak from the heard!

J) A few hundred years after we have killed off the weak we shall have our Utopia!


Now Comes March of 2009ce, or the 90 year since the birth of Fascism, and I am free from the pathetic White Power Movement! A “movement” of no balls! A “movement” that cares more about MONEY then they do about saving the White race! A “movement” full of traditionalist bullshit…


My Wolf philosophy is free from this. Free from caring. Free from worry. Free from morals. Free from normalcy. It shall become the wave of the future!

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