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before my presidential war begins

Dear comrades:

This may set the record for my longest post ever. I think it is also a very important post, as I am presenting my website and radio ads tomorrow, Sunday. It all begins tomorrow, including your part. The Internet is a wonderful thing, but not in its encouragement of passive SITTING -- and thinking that posting alone is taking back America.

Only blood, toil, tears and sweat will do that. We will do it together.



A comrade wrote about my pan-Aryan and pro-Slavic world vision:

In a world where we are outnumbered 4 to 1 , we need every white ally we can get.
I responded:

* * *

I'd say that at 900 million whites on this planet, we are outnumbered, not 4 TO 1, but almost 7 to 1.

The coming leader must be a uniter of all that can be united, and a divider -- dividing us off from the merely white-skinned lemmings who are demoralized, defeatist and therefore doomed.

The Eternal Solutreans will live! Through their tenacious vision, from Canadamerica to Europe to the vast Euro-Siberian Russia, all the Northland shall become one massive, white, Pan-Aryan Reich!


A comrade posted:

Actually, quite a few people have been trying to create â??White power movementsâ?? online, John.

Some of them are â??phone booth fuehrersâ?? who have problems with working with others, and the result is a large number of splintered entities. Many think think their slightly different angle of analyzing a news story will be the one that causes people to see the light, which it may, and energize them, which mere analysis will NOT do.

Others are agent provocateurs such as the ones you discussed â?? providing a straw man or boogey man to which the powers-that-be can point, and a place where young and naive racialists can visit, falling into a trap.

Still others are chit-chatting, feeling that they are "accomplishing something.â?? Mostly they are accomplishing the placebo effect. ("I ranted today about the Jews to other white nationalists.")

These Wizard-of-Oz web warriors are creating a cacophony of competing chaos online. While they see the Internet as a way of reaching millions of Whites, and it could be, they do not stand out especially in the competition with thousands of others who are citing the same problems and proposing solutions based on the same principles.

The only ones who can rise above this mess are the ones that can have on-site, real world events/activities in the physical world, not the cyberworld. This is the next evolutionary step â?? using the Internet to reinforce real world activities.

At this point, leadership through example occurs -- and it will draw the "chatters" away from their keyboards to become either supporters for the true leadership, abandoning the phone-booth fuehrers and the agent provocateurs -- or they will become excuse-makers for their real cowardice and irresponsibility in the moment of truth.

Some will always sit on the sidelines, criticize and feel rather superior doing so.

Another comrade responded:

* * *

These are some excellent points. I think the difference between a John de Nugent and many of the Net-warriors is precisely that John realizes the power of the Internet as a tool, a tool only to support and propagandize for a real-life organized movement.

The power of the Internet lies in communicating ideas in a broader manner than has ever been available before, but it has NO power for the actual DOING of politics -- bringing individuals physically together to become a united group. This is something many of us cyberjunkies on this forum have forgotten.

The sole purpose of the Internet, politically speaking, is to use this mighty tool to mobilize people in the streets!

John is the sort of leader who understands reality, lives in reality, and works in reality, but who has the intelligence and foresight to use the power of the Internet to help change that reality -- to deprogram and reeducate with new values.

In John, I feel, maybe for the very first time in four decades, we have a White leader who has the inner character to lead, coupled with the ability to communicate very effectively, the charisma to inspire individuals to a higher purpose beyond mere personal ego, and the strategic vision to make it all happen.

I urge every Arya [Sanskrit for "noble one"] to give this courageous man our full and unwavering support.


I thank these brothers. They challenge me to go on to the next phase. To the mass movement.

One year ago I had:

--no money (try working for this Cause! I know a forum moderator who also washes dishes for income!)
--no followers, and
--no fertile political area to find any followers -- not in suburban Washington DC, the belly of the beast!

Today, via many forums and threads, which have become quasi-blogs, and emails to a large list, I now AM known. I have an international volunteer staff. I have volunteers. I have comrades feeding me books, videos, clippings and advice.

I have money to start running radio and TV ads.

I am ready to begin to unite the WN community and turn it into a TRIBE.

(Just as this economy begins melting down. And 1929 was the turning point for Hitler. (In 1927, he complained, in his Second Book, that "national socialism [had] made no inroads with the German public."] In 1930 he got two million votes. In 1932 eight million.)

And I have a galaxy of noble-souled volunteers, with talents in web design, radio, TV, film, art, advertising, graphics, music, writing, voice and even reminders of good posture! (That's my Margi.

Yes, and I also have some physical security. (I will need much, much more of that. What can you donate? ........................ ????)

Through the Net I can at least avoid the necessity of constantly being out in public and going into Jew-controlled buildings, TV stations and other venues to get out my message -- although I MUST show myself and do some needed traveling, albeit with unannounced travel details. I must show my own courage to encourage others to step forward. I must give our race a chance to look me in the eye and take my measure.

The website and the radio ads are nearing activation. Then we launch. Two of the best forums online have furnished me with men of outstanding talent and dedication in the Web and audiovisual field.

LOL -- "photo' by Stan Sikorski.

And I am proud to say that the Jew attacks have already begun.

Bill Weiss proudly boasts that the Jew York Times flew their reporter down to Virginia to interview him for around two hours about his advocacy -- as a pseudo-WN -- that "somebody" murder Obama. (See my posts above.)

This provocateur further claims I am a homosexual. (Big news to me, to friends who've known me for 25 years, to more than one wife and to several dozen other women over the last 33 years.

He informs us that former Finnish soldier Henrik Holappa -- who wrote several articles for his magazine, not knowing over in Finland of White's reputation -- and I are gay lovers.

Aha! Obviously gay.

These two are obviously also gay, right, Mr. Bill White's "source"?

I also learned from Weiss that my fiancée Margaret is living in another state. Apparently, West Virginia moved its state line up and right through our bedroom. MO (method of operation): Weiss invents a mysterious "source" -- likely himself -- and publishes this "information" -- that he is just "passing along" -- and does not stand by. A steady stream of uncorroboratable verbal diarrhea.

Margi Huffstickler, how can you sleep with a gay man for three years and never notice he's gay? But maybe I am "bi," taking to heart Woody Allen's dictum that "being 'bi' means you always have a date on Saturday night."

I also learned -- from Bill Weiss -- that my name is John "Nugent," not John "de Nugent."

During the worst of the idiotic French-bashing in 2003, when Bush was trying to force France to co-invade Iraq with the U.S. -- and the Jews' puppet comedians were calling the French cowards, and advocating that we eat "freedom fries" -- I defiantly re-Frenchized our family name, returning our name Nugent to its original medieval form, de Nugent. I legally changed the name in early 2004 by court order in Smithfield, Rhode Island. (But since my name was John Nugent on many Barnes Review articles, I kept using it -- just for that one magazine.)

I also learned from Bill Weiss that the crusty dean of German nationalists, Manfred Roeder, who has spent over 12 years in Judeo-German prisons, is a homosexual! [sic] Why? Because I spoke at his Springfest in Hessen, Germany, in March 2007. Now there's proof!

Here is a giant of the German WN movement, facing yet another ten months in prison despite four strokes -- tarred as a queer by an ant.

Bill White, media darling, Movement slanderer, gulag provoker.


I also learned from agent Bill Weiss that I never worked for The Barnes Review!

Masthead of the March-April 2006 issue of TBR. I (with Margaret Huffstickler, whom I met while working at TBR) have had one, two or three articles in almost every single issue since the summer of 2005. We write original pieces -- such as "The Wyoming Lynching of Cattle Kate" -- and translate the work of brilliant and courageous comrades from the German, French and Spanish languages.

A comrade wrote me that he reads Bill White stuff, and that the latest is that Bill White claims that a WN writer has or once had a Mexican wife. Dirt, in other words.

"What do you think of this dirt?"

I responded:

* * *

The underlying insidiousness of this pathetic liar is that he gives us all an excuse to not get involved.

We WNS should not get involved with anyone because it's just a matter of time before our friend Bill White discovers what a con artist every possible leader of the Cause deep-down is. Except the ultimate con-artist, Bill White.

White's game is to make us actually feel proud of ourselves for doing nothing. Because we show our egos that we are not suckers, not born yesterday, and not about to get roped into ANYBODY'S movement.

Bill White, like all professional "critics," feeds on the ego. He promotes inaction. Until we are rounded up, and the Jew wins. Then we get PLENTY of action, breaking rocks in the gulag.

White is a proven liar and reading him is reading porn, political porn. If you condemn Kevin Strom but read Bill White, you are, sorry, but this is no time to mince words, a hypocrite. There passes not one day when he does not trash someone in the Cause with outright lies and half-lies.

The extraordinary danger of the government agent Bill White is this:

--the Jews can themselves murder Obama,
--blame it on "hate speech on the Net"
--instigate race riots,
--create martial law, and
--arrest YOU, the person reading these lines, for the magazine cover their own agent, Bill Weiss, put out.

The Jews fear this ----

So their minion, Bill Weiss, puts out THIS felonious advocacy of murder....

"The Jews lie as routinely as inhabitants of northern countries put on warm clothes." -- Adolf Hitler
We WNs must understand that psychopaths LOVE to lie, they practice lying, they swap trade secrets about the most effective lies, and they love to defame their victim as much as to physically kill or imprison him.

Eventually, the major media will start defaming me and the ants such as Bill White and the Jew called BaconEater will be sidelined. Then you will see Time magazine and CNN doing "exposés" of what a horrible man I am.

Brigitte Bardot, the biggest international film star of the 1960s, was once brought to tears by the vicious ridicule she suffered on a talk show by Thierry Ardisson on French TV - for defending animals against being slaughtered by the throat-slitting methods of Jewish shekhita and Muslim ritual. But the real reason she was attacked was her support for the white nationist, and major French political leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen. I assure you I will not be brought to tears. The world will learn from my lips WHO murders our children, committed 9/11, brings in the Mexicans, aborts our babies, destroys our schools, founded communism, promotes child porn and homosexuality, instigated WWII and invented the Holocaust FRAUD. So help me God. So help me YOU.

Then you will have to search your heart and your mind.

Will you believe the enemy about me when he has lied about everything else?

Will you leave the battlefield in the decisive moment with the excuse that you have to go "check out some rumors first"? That you have to read some Jewish political porn in the bathroom?

That you have to wait for the "simon-pure" leader who has it all, the lone individual on whom the Jews "have nothing"?

On just what planet would such a man grow up? In America? Would YOU qualify as simon-pure?

People who read Bill Weiss are apparently waiting for a Perfect Man such as Christ to return. But when He does, perhaps to Rapture Us Away without having to fight (but I rather doubt it), the Holy Talmud still tells us Jesus "cast out demons by the power of Satan," that he was "crazy," "possessed," a megalomaniac, and -- yes, get this -- that he slammed shut a trunk on his mother's breasts so she would divulge black-magic secrets from Egypt that could empower him to perform miracles. So, no, not even Jesus is perfect enough if you want to believe anything as an excuse to do nothing. After all, keyboard Nazis typing each other anonymous criticisms of actual activists -- THEY will save us from ZOG.

"Let him who is without sin cast the first stone." --Jesus

"By the measure with which you judge you shall be judged." -- Jesus

If I fail, comrades, which may mean if you fail to support me (because I will not fail to fight and lead) you can expect the gulag for yourself in the end. The government has your IP address. The Pentagon INVENTED the Internet.

The Internet and the Windows operating system are designed so the U.S. government can get into your computer. ONLY A MASS MOVEMENT CAN SAVE YOU, only STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. There is no place anymore to run. Not when blacks from Africa are gang-raping Finnish girls near the Arctic Circle. The strategy of retreat and cowering and low-profile has failed.

Negroes there gang-rape white women, but none are arrested, the police have no suspects (though Somalians rather stand out in a country of Nordics) , and in one case the Muslim Africans clitorectomized a Finnish girl with scissors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Think about that happening to your mother, sister, cousin or girlfriend. Wake up and smell the coffee, white woman and white man; learn to understand exactly what psychopaths are -- and how little you ever want to be at their mercy, which is merciless.

This Finnish radio reporter got in big trouble because she said on-air she liked Aryan-looking boyfriends.

And read the latest Barnes Review, with my translation, with Roy Armstrong, of Udo Walendy's summary (originally in German) of Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Two Hundred Years Together.

Then you will know what Jews do to Whites when they can live out their full fantasies.

If we get put in the Israeli gulag, we will wish we had never been born. It is already the case now that no concentration camp in Germany ever was as bad as a U.S. maximum-security prison.

The number-one rape in America is BLACK MALE PRISONERS RAPING WHITES. (See below.)

Remember that and more, when the big Jew-trashing of John de Nugent begins.

They want us to have no leaders. So they can kill the followers.

I personally survived years of the worst thing that can happen to a boy. Nothing John McCain claims to have gone through compares.

I have seen pure evil. I know what psychopaths are. I have survived and defeated the ultimate horror on earth. It will take a leader who has been to hell and back. No More Mister Nice Goy. And I know the whole white race faces a fate worse than death unless it finds a leader -- and follows, and yes, obeys him when he must give an order -- as ONE TRIBE under ONE leader passing through the gates of hell.


Hey, Obama, Mr. "Postracial Society,â?? what's your comment on THIS? --

We know you sure care about Israel.....the very Jews whose Newport, Rhode Island ancestors ran the African slave trade.....

Black on White male rape in prisons

(source: - Black on White male rape in prisons)

[JdN comments: To even discuss white prisoners without setting them in the context of today's Jew-sickened society would itself be criminal. I recall clearly in the 1960s how the Jewsmedia began campaigning for â??no-fault divorce,â?? easy divorce, and claiming â??divorce is better for the kids if the parents don't get along.â?? (This has been specifically disproven by many studies; kids are actually better off in a household with squabbling parents - or sleeping apart -- than in a broken home, fatherless, abandoned and undisciplined.)

There is no greater factor involved in a young man â?? and most criminals are young males -- turning to trouble and a life of crime than growing up fatherless.

I had no father present in my life after age 15, when my folks got divorced. Both boys and girls need the firm hand and guidance of a male role model.

The second-greatest factor putting white boys and men in prison is the Jew- and CIA-promoted use of illegal drugs.

The third greatest is the Jew-promoted youth worship of the whole urban black lifestyle, â??free sexâ?? and rap stars as role models. This has been proved in many books, among them the new book The Religion of Macho, by London and Smith. (I interviewed London on my radio show, and did this post.)

As a result, the number of young white criminals has skyrocketed â?? since the 1950s, when black music began to be glorified, and especially since the 1960s, when â??sex, drugs and rock 'n rollâ?? began to be openly propagated, and the leftist Jew Abbie Hoffman preached youth rebellion against parents, saying â??Don't trust anyone over 30.â??

Instead we should trust the Abbie Hoffmans of this world.

In a healthy, all-white society, 90% of these young white men would never have gotten in trouble at all, and would not be in prison. They would be out getting job training, studying or working, and coming home to wholesome parents -- or to their young, loving wives and their own respectful children. A healthy white society, among other things, â??tamesâ?? the wild side of young men and gives them real things to be proud of.

We as Eternal Solutreans must create our own society in the midst of this moral and economic chaos, a high-tech version for ourselves of what the Amish have done for themselves successfully for centuries now, living among us but not being â??OFâ?? us. We must become as immune as possible to the sickening Jew TV, Jew-music and Jew-divorce, homosexuality and abortion-on-demand that they are using to assault the values that once made our race the greatest, most prosperous and freest on earth.

So the pitiful white prisoners described below are doubly victims: first, victims of a Jew-run society that pushed them onto the wrong path and got them into prison, and second, victims of savagery by racist non-whites who are the majority inside many prisons although still minorities outside.

As you read the below, remember that if martial law comes, THIS COULD BE YOU. We must prevent martial law. That is one of my most urgent missions. To prevent this from happening to YOU, you need to DO something -- and now. I will provide the leadership. Will you provide the followership? -
Over and over lately, HBO has run a documentary blasting white prisoners for having the "Aryan Brotherhood" to protect them.]

There are probably more men than women raped in the United States every year â?? most of them in prison.

Best estimates put the annual number of prison rapes at about 140,000, which is 50,000 more than the 90,000 or so rapes of women reported to police.

Gang rape of the most brutal kind is common, and weaker prisoners often seek protection from a â??daddyâ?? who fights off other predators in exchange for total submission and sex on demand. There is an ugly racial dimension to prison rape: Blacks and Mexicans deliberately seek out white victims, and black-on-white rape is probably more common than any other kind. Prison rape is an appalling secret in a country that prides itself on human rights.

One reason there is so much prison rape is that Americans refuse even to think about it. The sheer brutality of it and the racial hatred that so often drives it are too gruesome to face. To its immense credit, a lefty organization called Human Rights Watch has done a serious prison-rape study and has published its findings in a book-length report called No Escape.

Human Rights Watch ordinarily specializes in trendy causes: opposition to land mines, the death penalty, and alleged violence against homosexuals in American schools. In this case, it has taken on the most untrendy of subjects, and describes inmate rape â?? and hatred for whites â?? in unflinching detail. It solicited accounts of rape by advertising in Prison Legal News and Prison Life â?? magazines that have high circulation in prisons â?? and reaped a wealth of first-hand horror stories.

There is considerable variation from one prison system to another, and among different prisons within the same system, but the general picture that emerges is of a world of constant violence. As one prisoner explains in No Escape:

â??When a new inmate enters an open barracks prison it triggers a sort of competition among the convicts as to who will seduce and subjugate that new arrivalâ?¦ Every new arrival is a potential victim. Unless the new arrival is strong, ugly, and efficient at violence, they are subject to getting seduced, coerced, or raped â?¦ Psychosocially, emotionally, and physically the most dangerous and traumatic place I can conceive of is the open-barracks prison when first viewed by a new inmate.â??
The only sure defense against rape is the willingness to fight, and even this may be no protection against gang assault. In many prisons a small, unaggressive white is sure to be raped, probably by blacks or Hispanics.

As one prison guard explains, a young white has â??almost zeroâ?? chance of escaping rape â??unless heâ??s willing to stick someone with a knife and fortunate enough to have one.â??
Some of the tougher inmates may even fight each other for the chance to rape an effeminate young white.

Rape is so common it has its own terminology. To rape a heterosexual man and turn him into a sexual plaything is to â??turn him out,â?? and the victim is known as a â??turnoutâ?? or â??punk.â?? If a turnout seeks the protection of another inmate to avoid an endless series of rapes by other prisoners, he is â??riding withâ?? his protector. He becomes essentially the property of his protector and is known as his â??bitchâ?? or â??hoâ?? or â??boy.â??

One inmate uses the lingo to explain the importance of violence: â??If youâ??re knocked down and donâ??t get up youâ??re a â??hoâ??; you have to ride.â?? An essential quality in prison is â??heart,â?? or a manâ??s willingness to keep fighting long after he is clearly beaten. As inmates explained to Human Rights Watch, a real man â??would die before giving up his anal virginity.â?? A man who will not fight is a â??punkâ?? who deserves humiliation and exploitation.

The racial dynamic in prisons puts whites at a tremendous disadvantage. First, whites are often outnumbered by both blacks and Hispanics. But far more important, just as they show no racial solidarity in â??the free world,â?? whites in prison do not band together to protect each other from predators. As No Escape reports, Hispanics sometimes rape Hispanics, and blacks sometimes rape blacks, but neither group permits anyone of another race to rape its own people.

If a black tried to â??turn outâ?? a Mexican, the Mexicans would riot and try to kill him. Blacks also defend each other from white or Hispanic rapists. It is only whites â?? unless they are known members of white racialist gangs who do stick together â?? who are on their own and can be raped with impunity. It would be hard to think of a more cruel consequence of stripping whites of racial consciousness.

Some whites must choose between being the sex slave of one man or facing repeated assault. The stories they told No Escape read like nightmares:

â??I had no choice but to submit to being Inmate Bâ??s prison wife. Out of fear for my life, I submitted to sucking his dick, being ****ed in my ass, and performing other duties as a woman, such as making his bed. In all reality, I was his slave â?¦ I determined Iâ??d be better off to willingly have sex with one person, than I would be to face violence and rape by multiple people. The most tragic part to this is that the person I chose to â??be withâ?? has AIDS.â??
A Michigan inmate writes:
â??[Another prisoner] claimed me as his property and I didnâ??t dispute it. I became obedient, telling myself at least I was surviving â?¦ He publicly humiliated and degraded me, making sure all the inmates and guards knew that I was a queen and his property. Within a week he was pimping me out to other inmates at $3.00 a man. This state of existence continued for two months until he sold me for $25.00 to another black male who purchased me to be his wife.â??
A different white inmate describes how he became a black manâ??s â??ho.â??

â??You will clean the house, he said, have my clothes clean, and when Iâ??m ready to get my â??freakâ?? [sex] no arguments or there will be a punishment! I will, he said, let my homeboys have you or Iâ??ll just sale you off. Do we have an understanding? With fear, misery, and confusion inside me â?¦ I said yes.â??
Once a man â??ownsâ?? another â?? and it is almost always a black â??owningâ?? a white â?? he is property in every sense. He can be rented out, sold or auctioned, told how to dress and talk, and given a womanâ??s name. That this can happen is essentially unknown outside the prison world. â??It would amaze you (as it did me) to see human beings bought & sold like shoes,â?? writes a Texan prisoner. â??You can buy a kid for 20 or 30 dollars on most wings!!â?? writes another. â??They sell them like cattle.â??

â??Ridingâ?? with a â??daddyâ?? may be the only way to avoid the degradation of one Virginia inmate who described what happened when six blacks entered his cell and demanded sex:

â??I said to myself, â??Oh no! Iâ??m in trouble!â?? I looked toward the door for an escape route finding it blocked. It was at this time that the floor officer came by on the bottom tier (I was on the top tier), doing or supposedly doing, his rounds. He noticed the inmates in my cell and asked if everything was all right. Too terrified to answer, I just nodded. [The officer] never came to the top tier during his round. I was then dragged back to my bedâ?¦ [All of them, plus one more] took turns anally and orally raping me at the same time. All of them repeatedly did this. Somewhere in the middle of this, inmate F entered and said â??suck this dick you white bitch.â?? â?¦ [One said,] â??If you snitch on us, weâ??ll kill you!!â?? At that time, I really believed them, and I still think this today.â??
As one Indiana prisoner explains, repeated rape takes a staggering physical and psychological toll:

â??Iâ??ve been sentenced for a D.U.I. offense. My 3rd one. Iâ??m a tall white male, who unfortunately has a small amount of feminine characteristics. And very shy. These characteristics have got me raped so many times I have no more feelings physically. I have been raped by up to 5 black men at a timeâ?¦ I probably have AIDS now. I have great difficulty raising food to my mouth from shaking after nightmares or thinking so hard on all thisâ?¦ Iâ??ve laid down without a physical fight to be sodomized. To prevent so much damage in struggles, ripping and tearing. Though in not fighting, it caused my heart and spirit to be raped as well. Something I donâ??t know if Iâ??ll ever forgive myself for.â??

Needless to say, men will do just about anything to avoid this kind of horror. Suicide is the leading cause of death in prisons, and is the only way out for some rape victims. Some break prison rules so they will be locked up in punitive custody. One [White] prisoner even had his family deposit money into bank accounts owned by the black Crips gang in the hope of buying protection. Of course, he was raped anyway.

No Escape recognizes reluctantly that blacks and Hispanics often rape whites out of pure hatred, and relish the chance to degrade whites. As one inmate explains, â??Gangs of black and Spanish inmates are very angry at free-world white people for a variety of reasons, and this results in an attitude of vengeance towards white people in prisons.â??

Blacks reportedly like to say â??Yâ??all may run it out there, but this is our world!â?? or â??Ainâ??t no fun when the rabbitâ??s got the gun, is it?â??
One white explains that â??those two races [blacks and Hispanics] have a lot of people in here and take advantage of us by making the small and weak ones ride or turn them out, and the big ones have to fight all the time.â??[/quote]

Human Rights Watch appears surprised to discover the obvious:

â??Certain prison systems seem to have almost no positive social interaction â?? not even the most trivial â?? between members of different races.â??

â??Prisonersâ?? social relationships are largely determined by race; their gang affiliation, if they have one, is racially defined; and whatever racist beliefs they may have held prior to their imprisonment are likely to be significantly strengthened over the course of their stay in prison.â??

Despite what the book tells us about what happens to so many whites, No Escape cannot resist conventional pieties:

â??Many white prisoners told Human Rights Watch that they were uncomfortable with blacks and would prefer to live in a racially segregated environment. A few espoused virulently racist views. More so than African American prisoners, many whites asserted that the prison experience had made them racist â?? or, as they tended to put it, â??racially aware.â?? â??

It is hardly astonishing that white prisoners should be â??uncomfortableâ?? around blacks. Nor is it surprising that they want to get away from them, whereas blacks are less inclined to be separated from people they can rape, buy and sell, pimp out, and humiliate with impunity. It is true that prison doesnâ??t teach blacks and Hispanics to hate whites; they hate whites long before they get to prison. Needless to say, this book makes no attempt to understand this hatred, implying that it is normal for victims of a â??racistâ?? society. Nor is any black or Hispanic reported to express â??virulently racist views,â?? not even when he tells a white victim, â??suck this dick, you white bitch.â??

* * *

If you have "no comment," Obama, aren't you really just another political psychopath? Isn't it your main goal is to be:

But this is not all, folks. Torture is unofficial U.S. policy. See the accurate article here: Note that all the top officials involved in ordering torture â?? a crime against humanity -- basically â??got off.â?? Only the soldiers lower-down were punished. Torture continues now offshore on US Navy ships.

If you want this to happen to you, then do NOTHING to help John de Nugent.

I was tortured for years. I know what rape and torture are. You don't want to be raped and tortured.

U.S. soldiers at Abu Ghraib, TRAINED BY ISRAELIS, rape an Iraqi woman. (Excerpt from a video)


MY mission is to tell America that the problem is psychopaths. We are ruled by psychopaths. And I am an expert on what it is like to be in the hands of psychopaths. That is one more reason why I am called to undertake the dangerous mission of leadership. I know the Enemy better than anyone else, both psychologically and personally.

Here is a post from July 19, 2007, which I put up on my thread "Apocalypse of the Psychopaths" on, a seven-year-old free speech forum the Jews have now murdered. (It has been closed for over two weeks now.)

* * *

July 19 07

Very interesting post, M. Astera, and full of new information to illustrate the issues.

The problem is NOT cities, and besides, we cannot go back to your "hamlet life." Nor is the problem even directly "the Jews," blacks, Nazis, Zulus, the IRS, the Masons or the Skull & Bones Society.

The mausoleum-like headquarters of this Yale society.

It is the psychopaths founding them or taking them over. They all become means to psychopathic ends.

Every human institution, religion, race, people, lifestyle and movement (such as the migration from the countryside to the cities) become hijacked, because it is the definition of a psychopath to seize power by lies, threats, murder and extortion --means normal people refuse to use.

And here is their greatest weapon (drrrrrrummmmrollll):

"Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity."- Marshall McLuhan

"Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity."- Marshall McLuhan

I would now like to back up to the issue preceding M. Astera's challenge, which was to move this thread into practical measures against psychopaths.

Here it what we need to know first:

There is an incredibly powerful --and vitally necessary -- filter mechanism separating the unconscious mind from the conscious mind.

It screens out billions of factoids that bombard us -- including feedback from our own body about its functions, digestion, fingernails growing, itches, gurglings, heartbeats, respiration, perspiration -- so we can focus on what we are doing and need to be thinking about in oder to survive.

At every waking moment, between our five senses, we are taking in EVERYTHING -- smell, sound, touch, sight, taste -- but the filter is - as it must be -- screening out 99% of this information tsunami so we can go about our vital tasks.

But the other function of the filter is to screen out horrors.

This [b]horror filter can be useful; it prevents us from being depressed constantly by all the personal suffering that we have stored in our memory, and all the atrocious, unjust and heart-rending things that happen in this psychopath-ruled world.

If we thought about these all day long, we-could-not-function.

In my experience -- "evangelizing" and explaining about psychopaths as THE problem ever since Martha Stout's 2005 bestseller The Sociopath Next Door, -- people are fascinated initially, and it strikes them immediately as reasonable, that many of our politicians, media moguls and top CEOs (Enron, Tyco, moguls in banking and mortgage lending, etc.) are ruthless, conscience-free monsters.

But then the thought terrifies them that a psychopath -- such as, for example, a Texan who is a former coke-head -- has his finger as we speak on the nuclear button, and has his sub-psychopaths at the FBI and in the ADL-retrained local police.

If ever I address the subject of the pedophile network and its ramifications into our government, as in the Franklin Savings and Loan cover-up, you can see the eyeballs go wide with fear. I, being now experienced, can almost "hear" the filter closing and straining out what I am saying.

In point of fact, it is, as the Franklin Coverup shows, a network of serial child-killers and adult-killers who now are the Hidden Hand running the United States.

And that thought is way too scary for most people.

Here is an example of blocking out reality that any former sexual abuse victim can corroborate:

After I started (finally, at 49) getting specific therapy for what happened to me, I made the typical mistake of telling my closest friends.

First of all, they did NOT appreciate it, as much as they otherwise genuinely cared. Everything I was saying was overloading their mind-circuits with a horror which their horror-filter chose not to contemplate further.

(After all, we ALL as humans have our own crosses to bear; one person was molested, another has a spouse with cancer; a third faces ruinous medical bills and bankruptcy, a fourth is just in general despair about the world and the future of the white race if a WN, and a fifth has the teenager-from-hell at home.)

One week after I told a few choice friends about having been molested, I just brought up the topic again in passing. I just referred to the topic. One close friend -- and he was and is a caring, highly intelligent and true friend in need -- said:
"Get out! You're telling me you were molested!?!?"

"Well, duhhhh, I told you about it for two hours last week!" !

It was then that I realized that it was NOT because this proven friend did not care; it was that his human "horror filter" had kicked in to protect his peace of mind. The visualization of an adult man molesting a terrified boy -- or torturing a small animal so as to craze the child with fear so it never talks to the police or a relative about what is happening -- this is humanly almost unwatchable, uncontemplatable.

(And psychopaths know this; they know talking about molestation triggers our horror filter.)

And after all, what child molesters did to me WAY BACK in the 1950s in Rhode Island was not a clear and present danger to him and his physical well-being as a 230-pound adult in 2006 in a Washington, DC suburb in Maryland. [red]

(Besides, all those psychopaths who harmed me are now, to the best of my and his knowledge, dead and gone -- to hell.)[/red]

So in terms of facing the issue of psychopaths, here is the crux as I see it:

Whatever we say here, and analyze here, and advocate here, The Horror Filter will screen it out UNLESS a fearlessly-led, dynamic movement that is blatantly intent on taking power will permit people to [blue]even contemplate such evil,[/blue] never mind confront it.

Without a MOVEMENT (not a mere "Cause"), people will say; "If I listen to you, first of all I will be unable to sleep at night, because you are depicting a living horror movie.

"Secondly, if I follow you, you will get me in trouble.

"Now do you have a MOVEMENT that can protect me, or at least guarantee me that if I take risks, because I do care about myself as well as the world my children and grandchildren will grow up in, your MOVEMENT has a reasonable chance that you will someday actually take power and right these wrongs?

"Because otherwise, after what you told me, I think I would rather be more low-profile than ever.

"If you are willing to lead and be a martyr yourself, and you can persuade me you CAN win, then I might follow.

But I am not such a hero that I would be willing to be a martyr for nothing.

"So what EXACTLY is your plan, Mister, and HOW do you propose to achieve it?"

Both the human male and, especially, the human female will run from weakness. The human will respond to the demonstration of a movement's momentum and power. It will respond, as we say in American English, to "the man with the plan."

So all our deliberations here about psychopaths must seem vain unless we state unequivocally now that the goal is to:

--create a white movement
--to resist the Jew onslaught, and
--put them on an island surrounded by rings of great white sharks.

That, BTW, is almost a perfect description of Parris Island, South Carolina (except the sharks are not "Great Whites"), where Marine recruits are remade from undisciplined American teenagers. (But even at 8,000 acres, Parris Island could barely hold half the psychopaths on Wall Street.)

On Parris Island, South Carolina, surrounded by sharks, swamps and drill instructors, male teenagers are given machine guns and hand grenades but the mind control of Marine recruits by their trained drill instructors and the system is almost flawless.

The Marine Corps would be perfect not only for training normal kids but also for guarding psychopaths in one confined place. Here, among Marines, every individual instantly feels the consequences of failure to achieve, of shirking responsibility, of putting self first and of being a coward.

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