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(717) 252-6020
June  24TH  34 AC
The Army of Creativity  is  the  Militant Underground-wing of  the Creativity Movement which has formed to inspire the small handful of dedicated Creators  here in America and around the globe.Our goal is to create  a new type of Creator; a zealous, fanatical religious Revolutionary Soldier! We seek to transform  those who are worthy of such an ideal into genuine political guerrilla Fighters who  are determined to secure  the immediate and unconditional  release of our glorious
 imprisoned leader Reverend Matt Hale Pontifex Maximus from the grip of the Zionist Entity!
Although, we have no plans  at the present time to take part in military engagements against the Jewish Occupational Government, and ALL of our political activity will be of a legal and non-violent nature, The Army of Creativity  will set up units across the nation and prepare for DEFENSIVE RESISTANCE! We must bring the elite elements of  the Creativity Movement  and organize them into a revolutionary network whose goal is to achieve political power  BY ALL MEANS AND AT ALL COST!
We have all seen time and time again petty personal differences getting in the way of solid revolutionary work. These personality clashes have literally crippled the entire Movement!
There must be bonds of trust, affection between fellow Creators of brotherhood and sisterhood. Without these key ingredients any  small revolutionary unit is doomed to failure. This is  a disgraceful and ridiculous situation, but it is a reality of life.
The solution is to find those Creators  that you  can get along with and respect each other.  Revolutionaries who  like and enjoy each others company is a recipe for VICTORY.
So, my White Racial Comrades, you must only work with those whom you can get along with on a personal level. If everyone in your unit likes each other then there will  be  no  silly personality clashes to destroy your unit.You will spend your time carrying out the functions of your unit which are;
1. Distributing massive amounts of revolutionary propaganda
2.Educating each other and our W.R.C.'s about the Religion of Creativity through our Holy Books.
3.Creating the bonds of true Brotherhood and Sisterhood
4.Training with your weapons in order to defend  the White Race .
Ours is a fight for life or death. The Army of Creativity  will in the future become a serious  religious  political force not only in this country but in foreign nations as well. We must stress categorically the need for a military outlook among all  Members and Supporters. We are  a people which knows that defeat means certain extinction. Each of us must  fight with heart and soul to preserve the sanctity of our blood.
The  Army of Creativity uniform consist of a Black  three hole sky-mask (Mandatory)for Members  to remain hidden from the public eye. Current Camo BDU cap with a 2inch Creativity Pin in the center. Black BDU four pocket tunic  and pants  with Creativity Flag Patch on the upper left sleeve of the shirt. Black leather   belt  and  combat boots(shinned)  A  special  Army of Creativity  patch will be worn on the Right upper sleeve of the shirt. Rank will be same as the  US Army.
Weapons will be standard issue as that of the US Army or private purchase AR-15 in 223 caliber are acceptable.
At  this early stage of its founding the Army of Creativity is in need of quality recruits, a web-site, and plenty of  financial $upport for political activities. You may  send any donations via Postal Money Orders Addressed to: The Army of Creativity P.O. Box 313 Wrightsville, PA  17368   The finance Officer will collect donations and maintain the treasury of the organization. A thank you letter and conformation of dues and donations will be mailed out or you may wish to send 'blank' anonymous  Postal Money Orders for those who do not wish to revile their identities.
If you  agree with this unique effort and our goals and would like to join this Elite Guard contact the Praefectus /Commander at the addresses below. A  Matt Hale Martyr's Brigade Recruiter will get in contact you promptly!
Delenda est Judaica! 
Rev. Michael Cook
The Army of Creativity
P.O. Box 313
Wrightsville, PA 17368
Phone: (717)252-6020

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